Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I'm Having Second Thoughts

Is it too late to change my mind? When I got home from work yesterday, I asked Naomi if she minded switching days for going grocery shopping with Mom again, which she said was fine, but then, several hours after that, I was in the kitchen making a snack, and noticed Mom's list of things she would like for Christmas hanging on the fridge. I could just as easily pick one or two reasonably-priced items from that list and actually wrap them up instead of going grocery shopping and paying for half of those expenses, which I think I will do, but now I'm kind of bored here, and am wishing I had grocery shopping to go out and do with my afternoon. Alas, it almost certainly is, but I'm still most likely going to go out to the bank later, to get money for snacks, and for December, which should be a nice walk. I'll also probably end up preferring to go get groceries on an off week (from when we get paid) next Thursday, but that's not for another seven days, which'll probably feel longer by the end of it. Last night was surprisingly not busy, and fun(ny) when there weren't any customers (at one point, Manoah was climbing on top of an already-broken piece of equipment as part of his dance to the song "Bad Romance"), but then we were delayed for actual closing, because of things he still had to do, so I used that time to restock certain things that wouldn't have been done normally, because I worry we'll be questioned about how there could be so few customers, yet we got so little extra cleaning done, so I'd at least like to be able to say "I did do this". Before work actually started for me though, I did ask for my pay stub, and was, oh, delighted with the actual figure.

Where just yesterday at this time, I was horribly worried, and thought it would be a stretch to put money toward everything I needed to and still remain above my limit, I now feel somewhat more relieved, for having been paid two hundred dollars more than I expected to be. Really. Even having switched shifts with Orlando a couple weeks ago, and going home an hour early because it wasn't busy. I can already say without hesitation that the unexpected extra is what I will be withdrawing to set aside for December later tonight, and the rest will go to various expenses over the next couple weeks, after which I will check my remaining balance, to see if I can safely withdraw another hundred for the same reason. As for what Manoah owes me, he said he's planning to give me some more this week, but has pet-related expenses to take care of first. If he does give me one hundred more though, that will be split between snacks and going shopping for Halloween candy in November, and if not, I'll take some money from my checking account for that. I should be able to stay above my limit either way, but I like the continued paying-with-cash thing I've been holding to for the past couple weeks, which reminds me I still need to give Mom gas money, but she's probably still out getting groceries right now.

As such, for today, I have cleaning my room, followed by spending as much time in here as I want, and then playing Metroid Prime 2, before coming back up here for more of the same in mind. Cleaning is by far the most important though, because I meant to do it before going to bed yesterday, but didn't because it seemed unnecessary, and now, well, it is. Simple stuff like clothes becoming piled up, and a box I brought home from work to put Christmas presents in not yet having been put in my closet with the rest of those things, and other stuff that's been piling up over the past couple weeks. As for Metroid Prime 2 though, I think I played up to the first save point in Dark Agon Wastes before calling it a night yesterday, but that may have been a dream for all I know, so I'm not sure. Regardless, it feels kind of painful, as I remember it being on the Gamecube. Maybe it's just the way the game goes from the relatively barren temple area at the beginning, and right into a desert for the first part of the game proper. There's plenty to explore, but very little of it is interesting, made only worse by not having the Dark Suit (I think) yet, and thus being susceptible to Dark Aether's atmosphere. That gives me a goal to achieve in that game though, so with any luck, I'll have realized it by the end of the day.

With that, it's time I started cleaning up, and then it's off to get the vacuum, and be done with cleaning for another week or so. Better now, before it gets too dark~

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