Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Just as I Expected

Well, it looks like I was right about one thing, at least (although there was very little reason to worry about being wrong). My schedule for this weekend is still the same as before - 8 to close from tonight through until Monday, and with next week's going up last night, I was able to see that I have exactly the same thing then too. Closing with Laura on Friday and Saturday, then Gabby on Sunday and Monday, which may make things slightly different for Halloween, but I'm not going to let worrying about it right now get to me. For what it's worth though, Manoah mentioned last night that she had actually left a note for Melissa asking to have Monday off, but doesn't, for which I can only guess asking too late was to blame. Moving on though, I do have Tuesday off after that, and I think will have to make use of my backpack this year. Yes, I can carry some things in my hands, but Walmart would appear to have some unique items of their own this year, so I will definitely be going to both places. I also really want a box of Lucky Charms for some reason, so I could pick those up then, but I could just as easily get them from Food Basics on a night within the next two weeks, which might be tonight, were it not for one difficulty.

You see, last night, I asked for a ride to work, so I could get Slurpees from 7-11 for Manoah and I with the coupon I had, and not have to carry them all the way back up to work. Then I proceeded to spill half of his on the counter at 7-11 because I thought I could pick them up in the same hand, and yeah. Mess aside, Tom eventually got wind of that, and while I was doing some cleaning in the back shortly after 11, came back to me and asked (paraphrased) "So is there any chance you would get your ol' buddy Tom a Slurpee tomorrow?" It obviously caught me by surprise, but I said yes anyway, then he asked if I "wanted him to give me money, or...". For some reason, I said "No, don't worry about it. I can get you one", somewhat because I felt it rude to buy a treat for Manoah and I but not get anything for him, but I don't want to go to both places in the same night. I actually don't really even want to buy a Slurpee for him tonight, as that's something he could very easily do by leaving for work early and going there first, but I will, simply on the grounds that it was somewhat rude of me to not get anything for him before. Regarding the "ol' buddy" bit though, I have the following to say: I am not your buddy, Tom. We have been working together for less than a month, which, even if I thought you might end up being my friend, is far from long enough for me to become used to being around you. I really hope playing it straight for closing tonight (keeping to myself, and doing only those things that directly concern work), and working with Laura instead tomorrow will help get my mind back where it needs to be. I will still buy him a Slurpee, sure, but it's going to be a medium, and it won't happen again, unless it's in the form of me baking something here and taking it to work to share with everybody.

Honestly, I can't even remember what else I was going to talk about now thanks to the above making me uncomfortable, but one of the different topics on my mind was Metroid Echoes, and how I got stuck again in it last night. I had acquired the light beam, and was on my way back to the rest of Dark Agon Wastes from collecting the last temple key to explore areas that I previously couldn't get into, when I got myself stuck in a hallway guarded by white (Light Beam) doors on both sides, with no Light Beam ammo, and no way to acquire any more from within that room. Yeah. I was not pleased, but I don't think I lost too much progress (nothing that I can't go back through this afternoon), so perhaps I should be more mindful of my ammo from now on. I think I've still been doing well for scanning everything this time, but I haven't made it to Amorbis yet, so I should hold off saying anything definite until then. Aside from that though, not much else has happened today. I didn't get any money from Manoah yet, but he said he would check his balance and get back to me tonight, and I also still need to think about picking up a couple of the things from Mom's Christmas list for her birthday. Before all that I need to check my balance though, and put this new episode of Ghost Adventures that was aired last night onto my external drive. At least both of those will be quick~

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