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Karadur Inacu 

Same Solution as Before

After getting to a certain point in the first draft of this entry, I came to an important realization about why I've been so irritable since Friday, at least in regards to work. I'm becoming too involved again, which is to say that, to give a comparison, while I may not specifically like closing with Gabby, those shifts almost always go well, because we focus on our work instead of talking to each other. Manoah's shifts, however - especially those where it's just he and I - are the exact opposite, and after one, maybe two, depending on my mood, I can't take any more and start to get like I am now. It's not that I need some time off, but I need to work with different people, and under different circumstances, which tonight will hopefully be. Monday, however, is going to fall into the "see what happens then" category. It all depends what happens with Laura tonight, which, at this point, is still uncertain.

Before I went to bed last night, I had an idea in mind that involved me leaving for work at 6 and going out somewhere with that time, but no matter how hard I try, I can't remember now. I think it might have even involved going out to Real Canadian Superstore, but that doesn't make sense because I don't need anything out there. Maybe I was thinking about going grocery shopping to get some things for supper, but that shouldn't be necessary tonight. I might - might go to Food Basics for a single can of Pringles, but would rather not, having messed up my snack schedule for the past two days by having pizza and a donut at work on Friday (somebody else ordered them), and stopping at 7-11 on the way home from work yesterday for some candies. I need one, or maybe even two days where I eat just enough to get by, and the best way to achieve that is by eating only what can be found or made at home. Eggs and toast would be good tonight, but in order to do that, I would need to buy hotdogs or pepperoni sticks or something else to put in them, if we don't already have some. Manoah did give me $60 last night (apparently all he could comfortably spare), so I'd have enough for that.

In other news, I'm right back up to where I restarted in Metroid Echoes the first time. I left the Wii on while I was out at work yesterday, planning to play it some more when I got home, because I thought I was still ten or fifteen minutes from the nearest save point, but as it turned out, I didn't want to play it right then, so much as go upstairs to enjoy my supper and candies, so I sat down in front of the TV, and only three rooms later, found exactly where I'd saved before. I don't think I missed any one-time scans on this play-through though, and even got the Metroid Cocoon and Infant Tallon Metroid scans, which I missed both of before, so I do hope that carries through to the next area. I'm also keeping a list of places that aren't accessible yet due to not having the necessary powerup, but upon closer inspection, it's not very consistent. I am not, for example, noting the locations of Super Missile doors, or any rooms with Spider Ball tracks in them, so its use, even after I have all of the upgrades, is going to be limited.

Finally, on a completely unrelated note, I was also thinking about commissions as I was laying in bed waiting to fall asleep last night. It's been a couple days over a month since I last heard from Qemba, so I should be emailing her to ask for an update, but I haven't because I genuinely don't really want to. That made me feel quite guilty at first, but eventually I decided that it doesn't matter. I kind of want the picture that's in progress right now, but for the moment, at least, I'll let her contact me whenever she's ready. Otherwise, I simply don't care, which extends to the one (or two, but I can't remember) unused slots I still have. Maybe it's just part of my state of mind right now, but regardless of the cause, it was remarkably comforting to realize there was nothing wrong with not wanting to email her right now. It's been about a year and a half thus far (since we first started talking), but that's just a number, as far as I'm concerned. I'm off to continue playing Metroid Echoes now though, with the whole hour I have left today. I think that should be enough time~

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