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I'm Not the Only One

Not to belittle him again, but something interesting happened regarding Tom at work tonight. His shift ended at 10:00, so when that time rolled around, he ordered some food, and took off to head home, immediately after which Laura asked for my opinion of him. I answered with roughly the same thing I said in here yesterday - that he seemed to be trying too hard to fit in - and the way she reacted could only be seen as agreeing. I kind of don't want to make this comparison, because I did end up getting along well with the other person outside of work, but it's like how John was back during one particular close that sticks out in my mind. The floor hadn't been swept, yet he was already mopping, but while it was annoying to have to go behind him and sweep, I didn't say anything. I can fully understand people wanting to help, but if you're new, ask first. As for the problem of coming on too strong, it's as much up to the rest of us to try and get used to that as it is to him to, well, calm down, I guess. That being said, I think the interaction I had with him tonight went well overall. There was a fair pile (and then some) of dishes at the back when I got there, which both he and Cheryl explained as accumulating because it had been busier than expected over supper, but then she (Cheryl), washed pretty much all of them, which was a great help. Had she not, I would most likely have been able to get them caught up before closing, but then we'd be behind for scrubbing the floor, if not other things after that.

Since then, my night has revolved mostly around playing Metroid Echoes some more. I think I last saved somewhere in Torvus Bog, but I know I found the Gravity Boost (or whatever the item that acts as a gravity suit / triple jump is called), and obviously the Seeker Missiles before that, and I think my problem tonight was that I didn't know where to go next. That whole area is - on a room-by-room basis - relatively straightforward, but trying to figure out where to go next with the map is kind of difficult. The reason I'm writing this tonight instead of waiting until tomorrow afternoon when I'm not tired is simply to have more time with that, but on a whole, I'd say buying the trilogy has definitely paid for itself by now. Maybe I am playing on the lowest difficulty, and maybe it has been occupying nearly all of my free time over the past week (probably longer), but I'll give Normal or Hypermode a try if I beat both the second and third games before Skyward Sword comes out, and in the meantime, it's better than sitting in my room all day long. The one thing games have been taking away from is baking things though, which I'd like to do this coming weekend. Maybe even a cookie pizza, or both that and normal-sized cookies, depending on how much money I have left after Thursday.

Speaking of money, I spoke to Brandon tonight, and got verbal confirmation from him that he would email me with links to the items he wants, but came home to find nothing of the sort, so I don't know. I'll give him until the 31st, and if he hasn't emailed me by then, let him know how things will be changing in November, and give him one week to get back to me after that date. I have at least decided to change the decision I made before though, to not being able to lend more than $50 per pay period, instead of nothing at all. It might even be more practical to raise that to $60, but I'll figure that out then. There are two wrapped Christmas presents on the table in the living room right now, which leads me to assume some store out there is selling Christmas wrapping paper already, and if so, I'll buy some of that on Thursday as well, and get started. Otherwise, I still need the same amount I set aside for going to Toronto this week (although I would prefer an extra hundred dollars to be comfortable), and their requests will come after that.

With that being said, I think I've run out of productive things to say for tonight. Tomorrow is the beginning of another week, and with that, hopes that the package I was expecting to show up last week will come then, and later at night, closing with Manoah, which I hope will be the same as Wednesday was. I also hope I don't have any disturbing dreams tonight (the one last night was centered around a non-existent episode of Ghost Adventures, where one of the crew was made to wear a wiry head brace, which had a light attached that would glow red when they were possessed, except the red light was actually the switch on the power bar under my bedside table, and I nearly suffocated trying to hide from it underneath my blanket...), but if I do, they're bound to be either about Metroid Echoes, or about not getting enough sleep. It should go without saying why I'm hoping for the first alternative...

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