Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Too Much of One Person

I'd call this a kind of weird day so far. Sleeping was fine at first, but there eventually came a point where I started to get ahead of myself, and had a dream about waking up and going downstairs to check the mail. The package that I expected to find wasn't there again, but there was another envelope which looked exactly like the previous one I got a check in, and underneath that, a second piece of mail addressed to me, but which looked completely unfamiliar. I thought it might be a piece of junk mail at first, but I opened it anyway, and found a bill inside, for no other inane reason than wasting food at work. I think it chastised me for wasting sour cream, and below that, stated I had to pay some $50 to cover the cost of replacing it, which was weird. I haven't knowingly wasted food in a while, so the only other thing that could've caused that was from thinking about work during the last few moments of the night. Closing yesterday went well for getting everything done and being out earlier than normal, but it is quite possibly vital that I do not close with Manoah for at least a week to come. He is my friend, and I like having the odd shift together, but in no way, shape, or form do I like working with him these days. It could be argued that closing with Gabby and Laura has me spoiled, in that we don't mess around then and things get done, but that's really no different than what happens with Manoah. He has more of a tendency to delegate and refuse to do something he doesn't want to do though, which is not for me to complain about, with him being a manager and me not, but it was getting far more than irritating last night. Also, up until we left, I was sore because I wanted to make something to eat, but every time I went up front to do so, there were more dishes to be washed, or a customer would pull in, or something else would happen to prevent me to. Compare that to today when I haven't eaten anything in anticipation of going out to Tim Hortons for supper later though, and I might seem like kind of a hypocrite.

With that said, the rest of sleeping was relaxing and uninterrupted (probably because I was up until almost 8am), and I just spent a good two hours reading through various pages of creepy and / or potentially disturbing things on TVTropes. Did I have to close tonight, I'd probably already be downstairs making my way further into Sky Temple in Metroid Echoes, but I want to do something different tonight. As I have to wash the dishes, I'll start those at 7. I figure that because since Friday I've been leaving the house to go to work at the same time, I'll be expecting to do the same tonight, and as such, it'll just make sense to do something not entirely desirable at that time. I'm still not sure what will be happening next week, but in all likelihood, I'll just tell Mom or Dad that I want to walk out to Walmart and such for candy, and ask if they can do them then. As for my other potential shopping, which would've been to get Mom one or two birthday presents, it is not happening. While I was in the living room yesterday, Naomi walked into the dining room and told Adam that if he wanted to get Mom the same lotion I was going to get for her, that Real Canadian Superstore was selling big bottles for a reasonable price, which they then went out to (presumably) get. To make matters worse, the same difficulty applies to Christmas presents this year as well, and shows yet another reason why it's better to think of things to get for people instead of asking them what they want. She wrote a bunch of items on a list this year, and stuck it to the fridge, so it's out there for anybody to use. What happens, though, if somebody buys something that I already have for her? I would cross those items off of the list, but then she's going to know what she'll be getting come Christmas (it doesn't matter who from), and if I move the list to some other spot that everybody but her knows about, then they'll know what has been bought for her, opening up Christmas morning to being another one of the times like when we went to Kelseys for Mother's Day, and I gave her all of those bags, only to have Naomi say "This is what they are". Maybe I shouldn't be so fussy about these things, but I can't just not be. They do matter, but I guess the best I can do for now is wait until everybody else has gone to sleep tonight, and then cross off the things I have in my closet that are waiting to be wrapped.

Other than that though, I think I'm going to head downstairs to get an hour or so of Metroid Echoes in. It's kind of a shame, because thinking back now, there were some other personally interesting topics on my mind last night (the most prominent of which was what I would say to a few people I used to know if I still talked to them today) that I kind of wanted to take further than just thinking about, but perhaps I will get to that later. I don't have much else to do tonight, so I could write another one of these earlier than normal. I'll just have to wait and see what happens later~

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