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Karadur Inacu 

It'd Be an Interesting Fight

Going back a couple hours, I was at Toronto again, in different surroundings than before, engaged in a highly unusual activity. First, Dan and I were looking for some item on Walmart's site that he wanted to get for me, but he couldn't remember an alternate name for where he lived, required to check in-store availability, so that quickly passed, and then I was fighting Cinnamon, which is most definitely the same name Trish's cat goes by. I think I just skipped straight to my most powerful attacks, charging up a couple super missiles and firing them off at her, then she jumped way up and over to a table on the other side of the room, landing with a crash (because she's fat). I told her "You're going to break something!", and then I woke up, because people outside were making noise, and for a few moments wondered what my problem was. Did I play too much Metroid Echoes yesterday? Probably. I saved just after acquiring the Spider Ball before, and made it all the way up to getting the Light Suit before absolutely needing an extended break, but I don't see how Cinnamon figures into it. She was here, to be sure, but I didn't pet her any more than normal, and didn't see her before I went upstairs either. Since then, I'm kind of tired, and also amused at the idea of that being an actual boss in the game, but being tired means more right now, because it's going to have a direct effect on tomorrow.

Specifically, I want to wake up early (from noon to 1pm), and take Mom out to Tim Hortons for lunch for her birthday present instead of just paying for half of the groceries. I must thank the sign in the window at the one I went to yesterday for advertising a bowl of chili or lasagna or something (I would like to remember right now, but as I said, I'm tired), because I saw it before and decided that I'd have to go there for lunch (probably a late one) sometime to try that, but I would rather not go there myself, and if I wait until December to go with Dan and / or Xion, they're liable to not have that item anymore, and the timing is just perfect right now, what with it being Mom's birthday tomorrow. I only worry about what actual eating might be like. I don't want to just sit there in silence, but I can't think of anything to talk about (right now) either. Still though, if I make arrangements with her before going out to work tonight, we could even leave to get groceries half an hour early tomorrow, and go out before that. But then we'd have just enough time to put the groceries away before going to Lucky In(n), and she also wants to make her own cake, so regardless of the exact time (at least for now), I should ask to see what she has to do tomorrow afternoon. Not to sound selfish, but I hope going out for lunch is possible, because it'd be less expensive than paying for (some of the) groceries, and after yesterday, I have about $70 less than I did when I woke up, which won't be fixed until Friday at earliest.

I actually didn't see his email for a couple hours after waking up, thanks to GMail not updating for some reason, but Brandon sent me the links for the items he wants now (two shirts, and a bath oil sort of thing, which he bought me one of as well, because we were discussing them at work, and he asked if I would like to try one), and they have been purchased. Unfortunately, in my haste to buy those three things in the middle of washing dishes, I accidentally selected a small shirt, when it should've been a medium, making me worried for a bit. I thought I would have to buy the proper size of shirt separately, and thus have to pay for shipping again, not to mention receiving a second shirt that I had little use for. As it turned out though, all I had to do was send an email to the address given on the site explaining the problem, and a couple minutes after that, I received a reply saying that they had changed the size of that shirt to a medium, but it wouldn't be reflected in the order status email that I assume will come when it is shipped out. As for the money, Brandon did say he works on Friday, so I should get it back then, and because I'm not sure when the next time Manoah works is, I informed him (Brandon) of how things will be changing in November, which he hasn't yet responded to. Maybe that's to be expected, as he could be at work right now, but unless I hear from him in the meantime, I'll have to ask to make sure he understood on Friday.

Now, for what should be today's last topic, I tried writing about what I said I might at the end of my previous entry before going to bed last night, but just couldn't. As much as - on the night mentioned before - I may have liked the idea of contacting those couple people, I can't, somewhat because it's presumptuous of me to believe that they would want to hear from me just because I think I have something to say, and also because I may not be as ready to say those things as I think I am. I may feel like it now, because unlike those couple years ago, I can see a direct link between how I was acting then and insecurity, but just because I'm somewhat more secure about the issues I had with them before at present doesn't mean I'm suddenly immune to anything similar happening in the future. To be a little more specific, I'd like to be able to explain the things I was thinking of before to one of those people so if they should ever come in to get food at work again, I can say hi to them in earnest, and be glad they came by, instead of just being polite and wondering what they wanted afterward. Another problem with my view on things that I've been noticing recently is my preference for being disconnected from anything that may make me unhappy. The idea seems sound on the surface, but is it really truly helpful to be avoidant like that? I can't help but think that what I kept saying about a year ago at this time about wanting to understand the things that made me uncomfortable directly contradicts the notion of me simply avoiding the things that I dislike, but understanding, or wanting to understand them means nothing when I am overall still so sheltered. To make matters even more complicated though, that entire theory could be moot when you consider that maybe I have what I wanted before now, and as a result, am realizing that it's not as beneficial as I thought. Then there's the other far easier theory which says I'm reading way too much into these things, but I will be thinking about them over the next little while, and will write a follow-up once I reach some sort of conclusion.

Otherwise, it's now 5pm, which means it's time for me to go downstairs and try to collect more Sky Temple keys in Metroid Echoes. That and more expansions and the rest of the scans, but I think the only one-time scans I haven't gotten yet are for the final two bosses, which shouldn't be hard to forget. The lore and logbook scans, however...

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