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Karadur Inacu 

No Lasagna for Me (Yet)

Had I known today would turn out to be such a mess, I might very well have just used it to sleep in. It's only quarter after ten right now, and I've pretty much called it a night. No more Metroid Echoes, because all I'm doing in it now is finding the remaining expansions and Sky Temple keys which was ridiculously tedious earlier, and I honestly have nothing else to do. There is a frost warning for tonight right now, so were that the same thing as saying "It might snow later on", I would get up my hopes for maybe going out for a walk and getting a small snack before coming back home, but no, that's not likely to happen, so instead I'm just laying here trying to stay awake, waiting for tomorrow to come, which will be the start of another (undoubtedly) long weekend for me. It'll be the third in a row, and you know what I noticed at work last night? That Melissa had put next week's schedule up early, but it doesn't hold anything of interest for me. Closing with Gabby on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, then Laura Sunday and Monday. Joy. I am still getting to be more and more used to that arrangement of shifts, but with every week that goes by, I feel more and more like I'll have an extra day off next week or such, only for that not to happen. Also, as I put it to Laura last night, after she lamented about how Saturday's shift would be a long close, and that she might (wink and nudge, etc.) end up being sick then, I closed with Tom both Friday and Saturday last weekend, on Saturday of this weekend coming, and on both Friday and Saturday again next. I'm not complaining (yet) because it seems that when Manoah isn't there, he's far less chatty than he was last weekend, but that still doesn't mean I wouldn't rather close with Orlando.

...there, see? I just fell asleep sitting up in bed for at least ten minutes, because it's now 10:40, and I can't think of what I was going to say after the above paragraph. I would just call it a night right here and now and go to bed early, but simple reasoning says that if I do that, I'll feel the same way I do right now at work tomorrow night, and I can't have that, especially because I already have one less thing to look forward to. Due to not being sure how much normal groceries that I needed would cost today, I made a last minute decision to not bake anything this week. It's probably for the best, considering that if I had gone through with making a cookie pizza and cookies, I'd be out cold in the kitchen right now, and that's not how I want to spend the latter half of my day off. As well, I'd rather not repeat old recipes, when I have other things to put money toward. Were I to find something new that I wanted to make, then sure, but that isn't the case with what I was thinking of earlier.

As for today being Mom's birthday though, well, if anything didn't go according to plan, it was our arrangements for that. When I woke up at 1, Mom was nowhere to be found, so I waited until 2pm for her to show up, then went downstairs to play Metroid Echoes. Skip ahead through about an hour of that, and she came back from doing some running around, I think, and didn't have any time to spare then, leaving us unable to go to Tim Hortons. On the way out to get groceries, she did say that she would still like to go tomorrow, if that was alright with me, but then remembered she has an appointment somewhere during the afternoon, so we're going to have to, in her words, "play it by ear". Nothing special came of getting things out at Real Canadian Superstore, but by the time we got home from there, it was already 5:30, leaving us with only half an hour to get ready for supper. At 6:00, we all piled into the van, and in a short time were over at Lucky In(n), only for her to say "Oh, I really don't want to go here. They only have roast beef on the weekend, and nobody will want Chinese...". I wanted to disagree right then and there, because it's presumptuous of her to say what the rest of us would and wouldn't like to have, but in regards to supper, it was first decided after that that we'd just go next door to Smitty's, but once the person who suggested that was reminded that it was Mom's decision to make, we were on our way out to Country View, which was frankly kind of dumb. Their buffet has a total of five, maybe six items to choose from (not counting the salad bar), and no dessert to speak of, whereas Lucky In(n) has much more to choose from, and both ice cream and other sorts of desserts like brownies, but yeah. The good part of going to Country View was Dad saying the price for the meal was more reasonable than he expected it to be, so he paid for the entire thing himself.

All in all, I'm ready to go to sleep and then wake up tomorrow to start fresh, but as that won't happen quite yet, I'll just say that today went well overall, but pretty much everything could've gone significantly better in at least one way. Did I mention that Mom wasn't feeling well, so she didn't make her cake yet either? I really don't care about that, because it will be made sometime within the next couple days, but just... yeah. Time to go distract myself with other things, and hopefully not fall asleep again~

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