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Beautiful Night

Snow everywhere, and last time I looked, it was still coming down quite heavily. Walking to 7-11 wasn't very fun, what with all the snow having piled up on the sidewalk, but I made it there, then walked on the road on the way back :p Naomi's almost certain the schools will be closed tomorrow, and given what things are looking like right now, they very well could be. I don't know what I'm worrying about though. All she does these days is sits upstairs in the TV room, watching TV, and chatting with people on her laptop (if I haven't already mentioned it, she got one too).

So right now, I'm writing this, then I plan on going back into the living room to play whatever on my Wii. One thing I'm probably too worried about is the battery life on the Wiimote, but I got to searching around, and found this site. Interesting. I might end up asking Mom if she'll order one or two of those tomorrow, but otherwise, I hope Nintendo's put out some sort of rechargeable battery pack like they did for the Wavebird.

I'm probably gonna go to Heart and Stroke tomorrow as well, seeing as I've missed the past three days that I could've gone in, but I really don't know about that. I mean, snow plows are either out right now, or will be in the morning, but there's still the question of whether the office will be open at all. Feh. I guess I'll just call Michele at 12 or whenever I get out of bed. Also have to work tomorrow night. I'm not sure with whom I'll be working, but there's a good chance Glenda will be the closing manager, and I have a feeling John will be working as well, so whatever.

I don't know about that guy though. I mean, at first I was excited that he was a furry as well, but it seems like whenever I talk to him on MSN, or at work, he never wants to say anything about it. That, and his overuse of the word "buddy". I mean, I'm happy to call him my friend, and I hope he would do the same as well, but the way he uses the word, he seems... over-friendly. Like he's trying too hard :\

Anyways, I'm off to put some proper clothes on (don't ask :s), and then I'm going to play games 'till I feel tired enough to go to bed.

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