Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I'm Done with This Game

So, I was playing Metroid Echoes just now, and beat the Emperor Ing (after restarting in the middle of the battle because I forgot to scan its head), then scanned Dark Samus's third and fourth forms, only to see the "Creatures" percentage read 98% instead of 100. Thinking that odd, I went into the logbook to conduct yet another thorough check, and found that I actually missed one of the other main bosses' forms. Which one this time? Amorbis's first. That is, the same boss as before, but which I didn't scan the second form of on my first playthrough, and even though I could be absolutely certain I scanned both of them this time, only Dark Amorbis is in there, and I am upset. I have all 101% of the expansions, but that's of little relevance when I forgot to scan the very first major boss's first form, so no, I'm done. I should at least beat the game, because I'm literally less than six minutes away from the end right now, and that way I believe I'd only have to play as far as that boss a second time, scan the form I forgot on my second playthrough, and that'll make for having the logbook 100% completed, but it will not happen tonight. Maybe not even before I start playing Corruption, but we'll see. I just... cannot believe that happened, but I'm not about to go to work tonight berating myself for that.

I think I'm actually more or less looking forward to working tonight, because Orlando and I haven't been on the same close together in at least a week. I remember last time we closed, we kept bickering with / at each other throughout the night, causing Gabby to ask at the very end if we really argued with each other for the entire shift, which yes, is essentially what we do. He goes on about things no being his job, so when he does them anyway, I'll smack his hand away and say "That's my job!" or such, but that's one of those things you'd have to be there for to find amusing. Then, as for tomorrow, Tom, Laura, and I are closing, and I recently found out that Laura doesn't like him either, but this will be my first close with him, so I'm anxious to see how the night goes. As for Tom and I, I've found a way to reach the point of really not caring. He may border on being annoying at times, but walking around with a scowl on my face last weekend kept him away from me (or so it seemed), so being serious should work again. Sunday probably won't be anything special, but then Monday is Halloween, and then I have the day off, which will be nice once again. Nicer if it were November 22nd or whatever and I could go pick up Skyward Sword, but yeah. I can still give Twilight Princess another try if I get bored with Metroid.

Also tonight, Mom and I are going to Tim Hortons, which I think should be nice. I'm not terribly hungry right now, because I had cereal and an entire box of Swiss Cheese crackers to eat for breakfast, but Mom wants to go out at 6:20, so we will. Before then though, I need to check my bank balance, because after not having to pay for supper yesterday, I might be able to set some more money aside for December. What's more, one of Brandon's packages came just earlier this afternoon (but there's still been no sign of my Trauma Team book...), so I figure that whatever I don't spend on supper tonight can go toward snacks over the weekend (most likely only on Sunday), and the $70 Brandon should have for me at work will go entirely toward buying Halloween candy. I don't yet know if I'll need that much, but it'll be better to have extra just in case. It is now time I got to work on those other things I still need to do though, and by the time they're finished, it should be 6:20. I am looking forward to finally having Tim Hortons' lasagna...

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