Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Casserole Isn't the Same

Because I have procrastinated about writing this today, everything there is to be said will be made into a list. It's already 6:40, so I'll need to leave for work before I know it, and I don't want that to happen before I have a chance to finish.

a] Supper with Mom at Tim Hortons yesterday was nice, albeit quiet. I thought of, and kind of wanted to say that it had been quite a while since we last went out there for a meal, but didn't, instead only remarking about having forgotten to grab some napkins after making a small mess on the floor, then told her "Happy late birthday" before heading off down the street to work (she offered to give me a ride, which was amusing because I made it there before she passed by me), and yes. It was nice, but I don't think I'll be able to do the same thing with / for Dad, because we never did that before. I'm not sure when his birthday even is though. At any rate, the food is what the title of this entry refers to, and in short, I am disappointed with myself for seeing "lasagna" on the sign, and taking that for what it was instead of reading the rest of the text. As opposed to having actual lasagna, they serve lasagna casserole, which is... okay, and I now know that if I want to order some more to take back home and eat, I can, because instead of getting it in a glass bowl as pictured on the sign last night, it was put into a take-out container. Also, the so-called garlic bread / toast is laughable. Maybe it was just for mine, but as opposed to toasting the bun with or without the butter on it (one way or the other, it would at least be warmer), I was given approximately half a loaf of normal sandwich bread (because they'd run out of the proper ones), with cold garlic butter on top. Considering one of the first questions asked when I order a sandwich is "Do you want it toasted?", I would think they should do the same for the garlic bread, but apparently they do not. It was still nice to go out though, and thinking ahead right now, getting some of said casserole on the way back home on Tuesday would be quite nice, so just maybe I'll do that. It all depends on the weather...

b] Work yesterday night was absolutely exhausting. It was busy up until midnight, but I was enjoying that, so instead, it was simply working with Orlando and having usual fun with him that took it out of me, possibly in this case because it spread to Laura, and while she didn't seem to mind, I am normally serious with her, hence the conflicted feelings. It makes me wonder what (if anything) she will say tonight. I don't want her to think that because we were having fun before, that's how I'll be toward her from now on, especially tonight, because I want to keep to myself for the express purpose of seeing how she and Tom get along with each other. I do remember now that I worked with them once or twice before, but the bit about having not since she specifically said that she doesn't like working with him is still true, and she was also quite adamant about the situation regarding pies, which came up last night as well. We ran out at around the same time the volume of customers started dying down, and instead of preparing some more, she simply stated that we were out for the rest of the night. Will she do the same tonight? Quite possibly, and if she does, Tom's reaction is sure to be of interest. I still remember last weekend when he asked if Manoah was keeping a minimal supply of those intentionally. I also did something last night that might see me get talked to about when I get there tonight, but for that, Melissa would need to have worked today, and I want to say she didn't. At any rate, my goals for tonight are to go there, work, come home, and sleep. Although I'll probably have a shower before going to sleep. I still don't really want to start into Metroid Prime Corruption, but have been thinking about going back through Echoes again in Hypermode (not only to get the scan I missed before, but to get the credits earned from beating all of the bosses on that difficulty), so maybe I'll do that first. Maybe.

c] Over the past couple weeks, a certain thought has been bothering me. I usually see Dan and / or Xion online once or twice a day, but haven't talked to either of them almost since the beginning of the month, aside from emailing Dan to give him the dates I have booked off in December again, and I've been feeling bad about that. It kind of applies to supper yesterday night too, what with not talking to Mom about much of anything, but just recently, another related thought has been floating around in the back of my mind. As bad as it may make me feel to not talk to them much anymore, they haven't said anything to me either. I'm not trying to imply that because we don't talk anymore, that we're no longer friends, but before now, I had never looked at it from that angle. When I sent that email to Dan with the dates, I also apologized for really not being around that much recently, and he said it was fine, because sometimes he'll contact people to ask how they're doing and such, but understands that that's not terribly interesting, hence not needing to talk about it. I'm not sure how Xion feels, because I haven't yet said the same thing to him, but as the two of them live together, there's always a slight chance Dan will have passed the message along. Regardless of that though, November will soon be here, and once it arrives, it would make sense to start discussing plans. Last time we more or less made the decision (I was against it, but never bothered to protest) to take things day by day, which pretty much fell flat on its face, and I'd rather the same thing didn't happen again. I need to put this list of ideas of things to do to use anyway.

With that, it is time to leave for work, and because it is raining and I don't want to walk to work in the rain, I'm getting a ride. There is no supper for me today either, so I don't know. Maybe I'll treat myself to a couple juice boxes (of orange juice) at work if Laura doesn't mind. That would at least be something...

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