Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Packages Continue to Elude Me

After waiting all of last week but not getting what I was expecting, it made sense to think that I would wake up today and find that envelope somewhere in the house, but the only things to have arrived were a postcard from Aunt Carol and Uncle Brent, and what is apparently an envelope containing some coupons for Naomi. I suppose it would be best to just wait until tomorrow, and have another try then, but paranoia has me thinking something distinctly different. What if, because I still haven't given them any ideas for Christmas or my birthday, Mom / Naomi / Adam / Dad took that guide book to give to me then? I really highly doubt that's what happened, because they've never done that before, and also, on the assumption that they had, it would follow that they would do the same with any other packages that came for me, which would be a problem right now, because one of the two that I'm currently waiting on is for Brandon, and he's already paid me back for those purchases. I guess all I can say is "Oh well" though. It'll come eventually (or so I'd hope), at which point I imagine having the book would make me want to play Trauma Team again, and until then, various Metroid games are coming along well.

I did exactly what I wanted to in Echoes yesterday - played up to getting the Dark Suit, which included fighting Amorbis, and getting the last scan that I missed before, and sure enough, right after I'd done so, a message appeared saying "100% of all logbook scans downloaded!" or something. So that's done, but I'm still playing it, because Hypermode is actually pretty enjoyable. At first, it seemed to be the sort of difficulty that would require defeating every single enemy in the room before moving on, or else you would die, but that isn't the case. With the Space Pirates who turn invisible without the Dark or Echo visors equipped, that might be the case (they required three Super Missiles to defeat on the easiest difficulty), but it generally seems to only be an issue in boss fights. The Jump Guardian was no more difficult than before, only requiring more damage inflicted to defeat, and Amorbis was somewhat more of a bother, but still relatively easy, because the method of damaging it takes away a specific amount of its health each time, so it's less a matter of killing before being killed, and more just being patient, and, in my case, realizing that a] the blue lasers it shoots are more easily dodged when in morph ball form, and b] that being inside the splash radius from the laser hitting the ground hurts as well. Chykka will still be a pain, along with the Boost Guardian, but I haven't even gone past saving after getting the Dark Suit yet, so I shouldn't get ahead of myself.

In other news, today is Halloween, and I think I am ready. Not that that really entails much, but it's nice for the day to actually be here instead of waiting for it, as with the rest of the weekend. I'm not sure what to expect from work, however, because Gabby doesn't start until 9, meaning Laura is there for the hour in between. Working with her for that time should go well enough, but I have some concerns about the rest of the night with Gabby afterward. Not to say that she seemed particularly cross yesterday, but apparently some of the things I did near the end of the night did annoy her enough. For one, as part of preparing the floor at the back to be scrubbed, which is a task that I and I alone do only once per week, and almost always on Sunday, I moved everything out from underneath the handwashing sink, only for her to come back carrying another bucket, and to dump the water out, then put it right back underneath the sink. I moved it over with the rest while she went up to get some garbage bags, then when she saw what I had done, said "No, that has to stay there! The sink leaks!" Regardless of whether or not I had been aware of that before, it wouldn't have made a difference. The leak is a very slow trickle, and by the time I was done, the floor in that area would've still been damp from having been mopped, and before that, having water dumped on it. Also, she seemed kind of annoyed in general that I was doing that instead of cleaning the grill for her, but I ended up doing that anyway, because when I went up front to sweep, the cleaner was on the grill, but she was nowhere to be found. I can't for certain say that she was upset with me for not volunteering to do that, or that she was even upset with me to begin with though, so I won't say anything else. Still, there was a veritable mountain of dishes at the back when I walked in yesterday, so to have caught all of those up (with Brandon and Tom's help) and have done the same with the other normal closing dishes should be more than deserving enough of being able to scrub the floor, especially because, as mentioned above, that's something that I'm the only one to do, and only do once a week, at that.

Anyway though, I'm off to have a shower now, and then it's downstairs with me to see how much further I can make it in Metroid Echoes. It's nearly 5pm though, so probably not too much today~

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