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Not Good, Not Good, Not Good

While I only rarely have dreams that come across in just the right way, the one I had a few minutes ago is certainly of a new variety, and I can't help but wonder if it means anything. As is pretty much the standard for dreams, I can't remember the exact details leading up to it, but we (our family) were going away somewhere, but I hadn't yet been around to hear the exact specifics, so it ended up being not until I was at work, standing in the parking lot out back with my entire family and literally all the staff there that the answer was revealed. Dad said something to Melissa, out of which I caught the words "moving", and "Mexico", which sent my mind absolutely reeling. What would happen to my life as I knew it now? What would happen to work, or to being able to go visit Dan and Xion, or to the simple fact of having lived in this city for my whole life? I remember wondering if maybe it was finally time to stand up and say "No. I'm staying here", and to find a place of my own, but all while those thoughts were going through my mind, everybody else were shaking hands or hugging or otherwise saying goodbye, and that was that. Not a moment later, I woke up. I can also still recall a small portion of a dream that involved the night course I'll be going to in January being canceled, which hit me pretty hard. Was it too late to enroll in a different program? What happens to the money I paid to register for the first course? Why did this have to happen again? If I had answers to any of those questions (other than "It was just a dream"), then I likely wouldn't be writing about this right now, but as I do not, I think it safe to say I've had kind of an unsettling morning. The sleeping part was good - instead of waking up and making a big todo about switching to a lighter blanket, whic his what usually happens, I just pushed the thick one off the bed, rolled over into the thin one, and that was that - but the dreams weren't, and I have next to no idea about what could have prompted either of those.

Regarding the first, I forgot my PSP and wallet at work last night, and still need to go pick those up / just let somebody know that they're still in the staff bathroom, but the best guess I can make for the second is that it was an extension of that, insofar as that I'm being taken away from some plans for the future, and then other undesirable things come along as well. I was feeling rather unwell about an hour before I went to bed last night, but by the time I actually laid down to go to sleep, that seemed to have passed, and usually if I start to feel sick while I'm asleep, I wake up, and am unable to doze off again until the problem has been fixed. I really just don't know, but before I move on to writing about somewhat better things, there's one more undesirable bit of news that I came upon after work last night. As enjoyable and challenging as it may be to be working through Metroid Echoes on Hypermode, now that I've completed the logbook, I've done all there is to be rewarded for in that game. That is, there are no additional credits to be earned from beating bosses on Hypermode. That only happens in Corruption, and it took until about the halfway point in Echoes - the Grapple Guardian - to realize my mistake. Still though, I think I might just keep playing, depending on what the fight with Chykka is like. The Boost Guardian was annoying, but not impossible (the battle is indeed based partly around luck, so it took until the fifth try for things to work out in my favor), while the Alpha Blogg was just annoying, but otherwise easy (some of my shots hit, but about half missed), and the Grapple Guardian was firmly into the annoying category as well, because I couldn't work out a reliable method to damage its second form with Super Missiles, thus leading to having to rely on fully-charged Charge Beam shots to chip away at the rest of its health. As noted above though, I now have everything I need to get the last Torvus Bog Dark Temple key, so I'll get back to that once I'm finished here, and have gone to pick up my belongings from work.

As for work itself last night, the working part went well, but the working-without-changing part did not. Because I didn't have a hat on, and because I was on drive through, the sides of my head hurt quite a bit by the end of the night from the headset pulling into them. Also, if I hadn't needed to put my PSP and wallet somewhere for safekeeping, due to not wanting them to be hindering my movement all night, I wouldn't have forgotten them there, which is something that happens infrequently, yes, but is still just as distressing as any other time. Also, about an hour after I got home from work, I received an email from the people Brandon wanted me to buy two shirts from, saying that one of the shirts was no longer in stock, so they issued me store credit for the amount of the shirt plus shipping, but I don't know if he'll be content with that or not. Probably not, but I forwarded him that message, asking him to advise me of what to do next, so hopefully he responds today. With that though, I should have an opportunity to go out to work soon, so while I'm waiting, I'm going to clean up my room a bit. It's been a mess since last night, but I didn't get to it then, so I might as well now~

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