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Karadur Inacu 

Good Start to November

Ever since a couple days before Halloween, I was worried that something would happen to prevent me from going out to get candy tonight, due to frequently thinking about it, and in fairness, something of that sort did happen. I was originally planning to head out at 7, but ended up going at 6 instead, as if I had waited, I would've had close to an hour to wash the supper dishes, and had already asked Mom if she and / or Dad would be willing to wash the rest. Aside from that minor change though, everything went quite well. The walk out to Real Canadian Superstore took less than an hour, and between there, Walmart, and EB Games, I came home with seven (I think) boxes of candy, and No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. It's kind of silly that I can't say exactly how much candy I bought, but I was quite literally just grabbing the largest size of each box that I could find, except for the one containing Maynards variety candies, which I purchased a smaller box of only because there wasn't enough space in my backpack for the big one. I also bought a small 26-piece bag of treats to give to everybody at work on the way back, as well as a quarter-pound Reeses Peanut Butter Cup from Walmart, and then some supper from Tim Hortons right near the very end of the walk. As for No More Heroes, I liked the first one, but never finished it due to the extraordinarily high fees to fight the next boss, but Metroid Echoes will continue to get all of my attention for the moment. I've beaten Chykka, and the Spider Ball and Power Bomb Guardians (clearly this person needs to relax, because it's not that difficult, even on Hypermode), but have the game paused for now, because in attempting to reach a Power Bomb expansion, I ran out of light ammo, and can't leave the room I'm in without it. Not the same room as before, to be sure, but it figures that would happen again. Really though, it's just a matter of acquiring the last few powerups (which I could have finished by the end of the night) before I can run through to collect overlooked or previously inaccessible expansions, and then it's on to the Emperor Ing, which may actually be pretty annoying.

Setting games aside again though, something very good happened when I stopped at work on the way home. Aside from just taking a break and sharing a few of the things I bought while talking to the people who were working, I asked for my pay stub, and opened it to find pretty much the same thing as my last pay. On Thursday of this week, I'll be paid a couple dollars over six hundred again, which is really quite fantastic. As a result, I'll be able to put at least one hundred more into my unofficial savings for December, and still have plenty left over with which to give Mom and Dad the money they will need. I wonder if Melissa will continue to schedule me the same way through this whole month. I want to say no, because I remember hearing a long time ago that we absolutely had to be given at least one weekend day off a month, but if she doesn't go by that rule, considering my ten days off next month, I'll easily earn another six hundred dollars on my next pay, and probably again after that. Of course, the more I get excited now, the more likely I am to have some sudden significant expense come up, so I'll just go on that this coming weekend will be my fourth where I've closed Friday through Monday, and if the same thing is done with the new schedule this week, it'll be up by tomorrow night, so I can take a look to see what shifts I have after the 8th. Also, in a completely different direction, this coming Sunday is the 6th, and the 6th is when Daylight Savings Time ends, so it'll be fun to leave work and come home to find it earlier than when we'd left. Maybe I'll do something special then, but for now, nothing comes to mind. I am thinking about going out to Tim Hortons in a bit for two bottles of juice (one orange, one peach), but it needs to actually be special. I wonder when Walmart will start staying open 24 hours... Along the same lines, Gabby seemed confident last night that CKSY (if not other radio stations) would start playing Christmas music either after midnight, or around 6am, but the music playing when I went there earlier wasn't anything different then normal, so apparently Christmas isn't quite here yet. I was hoping for Dollarama to have wrapping paper now, so I could pick some up tonight, but oh well. That'll all happen eventually.

On that note, I am now going back to Metroid Echoes. It will be my goal to at least have the Echo Visor by the end of the night, and after that, I might go to bed early, because I'm tired from the walk I went on. Oh, and I also need to email the people one of Brandon's shirts was from to ask about getting a refund, but yeah, I'll get to that later. I did what I wanted to tonight, so now it's time to relax~

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