Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I've Discovered a Glitch

Two glitches, actually, although one is extremely minor, and I found it only just a moment ago. They are both obviously in Metroid Echoes, and both in the Sanctuary Fortress area, at that. The details for both are as follows:

a] Crooked View In the Watch Station of Sanctuary Fortress, there is a long, moderately complicated Spider Ball puzzle which leads to a bomb slot which grants access to a portal to Dark Aether, a Beam Ammo Expansion, or an exit from the tunnel to the latter, depending on which path you take. If one rolls into the exit tunnel, which leads to a drop which deposits Samus roughly in front of the portal, and un-morphs at exactly the right moment while exiting the pipe, the view will become crooked - an oddity which sticks until, in my case, being knocked off the edge of the platform. It's also possible (and extremely likely) that triggering a cutscene, or morphing and un-morphing again will cancel the effect. There is a video of the glitch in action here.

b] Stuck in the Floor (or Ceiling) In the Temple Access room of the same area, a Missile Expansion can be accessed by switching to the Dark Visor, using Seeker Missiles to hit four targets on the wall which activates a Kinetic Orb Cannon, followed by switching to the Echo Visor, shooting a target in the upper portion of the room, and rolling into the previously-activated cannon. Normally, in order to access the area under the floor that the Missile Expansion is found in, one has to roll into a Boost Ball Spinner, and "spin" a section of the floor open, but instead of doing that, roll over to the section of the floor that opens, and either Bomb Jump or jump by shaking the Wiimote up into that section of the floor, and Samus will become stuck for a few seconds. Boosting while stuck prolongs the effect, but there is no apparent way to move about. A video of this glitch can be seen over here.

In other news, I coincidentally have two more things to mention. The first is that same as last year, I took a picture of all the Halloween candy I bought yesterday night, so this, minus about half the box of the Mars, Snickers, M&Ms, and Twix, is everything. A little too much? Definitely yes, but yesterday night was the first time I've walked all the way out there since last Winter, so I wanted it to be memorable, and what better way is there to do that than to bring home a ridiculous amount of candy. As mentioned previously, I did also buy a small bag of the "Favorites" mix, but gave those away as soon as I got to work. They were less than $3, so it seemed justifiable to give whoever happened to be working a surprise treat. As for the second, it was going to be a screenshot of my desktop as it is right now, but I don't really like the way it currently looks, so that'll be a third thing to do when I get home tonight. Actually, there will be four, because I never did go to Tim Hortons like I was planning to. Shortly after I posted that entry yesterday, the power went out, and didn't come back on for a couple hours, and when it did, I immediately told Xion that it would figure - it didn't come on until I'd given up and gone upstairs for what I thought would be the rest of the night - and then we talked about various other things afterward. I'm not disappointed or anything, but having to work tonight, I have proper justification for it. Now if only they served lasagna casserole at ~2 in the morning...

I'm off to get ready for work now though. The movie of the crooked view glitch is currently uploading for the second time, and I have nothing else to say, so this'll be it until later. It had better not fail a second time though...

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