Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Money Really is a Problem

Note to self: never, ever lend money to family members again without making them sign some sort of repayment contract. Having a piece of paper that says "You must pay me a minimum of $[amount] by [date / time] each month. Failure to comply will result in late fees or loss of privileges" would have helped immensely today, because Adam once again completely went off when I asked if he had any money for me. Originally, I was planning to get a ride out to Future Shop and Real Canadian Superstore this afternoon, and even checked with Mom to make sure we would be able to go, but ended up walking, just to get away from drama here for a while. Part of Adam's problem is overreacting, and one of the ways that showed itself today was by him calling Trish and saying that because all I cared about was being paid back, they wouldn't be able to come later this month anymore, so the very last thing I did before heading out was writing an email to Trish to tell her my side of events, but apparently she and Adam still haven't talked, so while he's apparently over it (as evidenced by his apology for freaking out and giving me some money when I got back home), she's not, and I really want to go upstairs right now and say "See what happens when you go off without thinking?", but that'd be more into the area of rubbing it in, and I won't do that. Maybe it could be argued that I also woke up on the wrong side of the bed today - I knelt down in front of the couch to pet Cinnamon when I first got up to check the mail, and it was ridiculously difficult to stand up again and drag myself back up to bed, for how tired and sore I was, but I think my points are valid. If you can't give me any money when I ask, just say "Sorry, but I can't right now. I plan to give you some on / at [point in the future] though". To back that up, I stopped in at work both on the way to and home from the places I went today. On the way there, I asked Manoah if he was able to give me any money this week, because we just got paid, and he said no, so on the way back home, I asked if next week would be better, and he calmly stated that yes, it probably would be. It is kind of annoying that we're now four weeks past when he said he would pay me back the full $300, but as long as I get the remaining $140 by the end of this month, that won't matter.

That aside though, the walk was fun. I made it out there in pretty much the same time as I did before - I was listening to the same music I did last time, and the same song came on roughly when I was passing by the greenhouse. This time, however, Halloween candy was even cheaper than it was before, but I bought only a couple more boxes, and a bag to once again give to everybody at work, which Melissa took, and jokingly asked if she had to share. As for Future Shop, I bought another 2TB external hard drive there. Why? Because it has occurred to me that if the drive my TV Shows are on right now should fail, they'll all be lost. All 1.5TB of them. Thus, I would prefer to have a backup. A drive that I can store the shows (and any other important files) on, but keep completely disconnected and boxed up when it's not needed. It's going to be a bit of a chore copying everything from the drive I have right now to the new one, but I'll start on that later tonight, because Metroid Echoes is pretty much at a standstill now. Both movies of the glitches I found yesterday are uploaded, and I beat Quadraxis after work, so all I have to do now is go around the entire game to collect expansions and Sky Temple keys, which I really don't want to do right now. First though, Mom and I are going to do some running around in a few minutes. Out to Food Basics because I think they might have pop on sale, then to Real Canadian Superstore because she needs some groceries that can only be found there, and I think I might ask to go to Walmart as well, because I found something there on Tuesday that I'd like to get a couple more of. We are leaving in a couple minutes though, so other things (if I remember what they were) can wait until later. There's still most of the night left~

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