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A Bunch of Little Things

True to what I said earlier, there are still a fair few topics that I want to write about. They go back as far as work on Wednesday night though, so in order to keep this entry organized, I will start from there, and try to keep the rest in chronological order.

a] Not the Best Definition of "Emergency"
Work on Wednesday night was extremely tiring at first. Due most likely in equal parts to not sleeping for long enough the night before, and not having walked as far as I did on Tuesday (to the north end of the city and back), I was just out of it. Thankfully though, we weren't busy, so at the end of the night, I had all of my work at the back caught up before Gabby had finished everything up front, so in order to help her, I collected the things needed to clean the grill, and brought them all up front, while she worked on counting my till. The phone rang partway through both of our tasks though, and because she was closer, she walked over to answer it, and I didn't hear much of what was said. She eventually said goodbye and hung up with an exasperated remark of "Oh my god!" or somesuch, and I asked her if it had been a customer, thinking that it might have been a complaint, or something of equally irrelevant nature, what with being closed and all. Instead, she explained that it had actually been her boyfriend, calling her at work because he "couldn't find the icing for the toaster strudels". We both got a laugh out of that, and I continued to chuckle whenever I thought about it for a good ten minutes afterward. It's like the time Adam called me to say that the internet (connection) had stopped working. There's not much I can do about it from work, and really, that's not an emergency. To be cliched, read a book or go outside. Simple solution. Not so much for Gabby's boyfriend, but to him, I would suggest eating them without icing. It'll leave more for when you do eventually find the packet(s).

b] Thoughts on What Happened With Adam Earlier Today
First of all, as far as I know, that issue has been resolved. He (at least temporarily) understands my wishes regarding repayment, and Trish and Ericka are still coming here, either later this month, or early in December, but I'm not sure what the exact date was originally. At any rate, I was obviously thinking about him going off on me while I was walking out to Future Shop (and Real Canadian Superstore), and kept coming back to the immensely satisfying feeling of being so much better off regarding those sorts of confrontations than him. To be fair, it was only a year ago that I still wouldn't let go of that issue regarding stories, but the most important thing that I still don't realize about those events is that I was right. There is the difficulty of that being right doesn't automatically free one from... emotional trauma, let's say, but a big part of what I was going through back then was worrying that I was wrong to feel the way I did about what the other party was doing. As for how that applies to Adam, I wouldn't be in the state I am today if it weren't for those things happening, and that state is what allows / allowed me to see the differences that I noticed while out on my walk. Even though at that point things weren't resolved, I liked knowing that I had, in a certain narrow sense, done nothing wrong. It's well within my right to ask people who owe me money if they have any on pay day, and I have firsthand experience with knowing what it feels like to not have enough money to pay for things, but unlike him, I take every measure possible (where necessary) to ensure any outbursts don't affect other people. I just... am not fully where I want to be yet, but I'm definitely more far along then I was last November.

c] Religion is Weird
While the above may not be a topic I personally involve myself in more than once or twice a year (assuming I get Christmas Eve off from work), it seems to never fail that I'll run into people promoting their own views at the most inopportune times. Case in point: a couple guys stopping me on the way home from Future Shop and Real Canadian Superstore today. They asked the usual questions - if I believed in [religion], and if I could confirm it by repeating some statement, which I misunderstood at first. I freely admit that I lied to them when I said yes, but my personal feelings are that it doesn't matter. I could've said "No, my views are as follows" instead, but that is simply not me. I believe the things I have chosen to believe (and have written about them in here before, so I will refrain from doing so again in this entry), and I don't need to spread them to other people to feel secure in having them. Some of the things they said would've been eerily accurate had I run into them a year ago, but it is my belief that I am where I am now as the sole result of what I and certain other people since then have done. That doesn't really tie into the aforementioned encounter, but as with item B, but it's just as gratifying for me to have a philosophy (to call it that) that I can truly live by as it is for them to believe in their religion so strongly as to want to share it with other people. Although where that's concerned, I still think my view of "Believe whatever you like, as long as you don't force it on other people" is better. I was going to liken it to this Garfield comic, but it's more than just moderation. True understanding and objectivity are also big parts of it.

d] Paper Would be Better This Year
Everything was all set after Mom and I went out to do more running around earlier tonight. Adam asked her to pick up some cat treats for Cinnamon from Dollarama, and while we were there, she pointed out that they did have wrapping paper, so I picked up four rolls of the same stuff I got last year, and got all excited to start wrapping my gifts at home, but... it didn't work. The paper just doesn't work with oddly-shaped gifts, and I have too many of those. I'm actually putting unboxed stuff in boxes this year to make it easier to wrap, but in regards to the paper, I'd also like to get some actual wrapping paper tomorrow. Not only is it easier to wrap gifts in, but it's more fun to tear apart, so yes. I figure that as long as that works out tomorrow though, I can make an effort to wrap at least one gift a night (if not more), and get done sooner or later that way. It's just too much of a chore now sitting hunched over boxes of this or that on my floor for extended periods of time.

e] A Few Reactions of Note
When I say "reactions", I am, of course, referring to people saying things about my tail and ears. One happened at Walmart, when I went there with Mom in order to get her one of those quarter-pound peanut butter cups for a Christmas gift, and the other occurred at Dollarama. I will start with Walmart's first though, because it was definitely the most interesting. While I was walking through the candy aisle looking for the previously-mentioned treat, an employee came up to me, and instead of asking if she could help me find anything, asked if I was what could be considered a furry. I told her that yes, you could say that (I really don't care about labels anymore), and then we had an actual (short) conversation. She said she had recently been in touch with either an adopted child or child she put up for adoption, who is now a teenager, and it came up that they were furry. She explained that she didn't know what that meant at first, and was rather confused when they talked about looking for a tail and ears. Apparently I'm the first person she's seen with her own eyes who would fall into that classification. She also asked if I knew of anybody else who was furry around here, and I told her honestly that I didn't - the people I got together with before may still be around, but I haven't talked to them in too long to say for sure - following which was one last apology if she put me on the spot or made me feel uncomfortable, which was the metaphorical cherry on top. Want to make me uncomfortable? Get really close to me (emotionally), then start talking about me in the context of things that I don't see myself as identifying with, such as sexuality, or religion as mentioned a couple points up. Otherwise, say / ask whatever you like. I welcome questions from pretty much anybody, because they're far better than the alternative of that person drawing their own conclusions. As for what happened at Dollarama, the cashier simply asked if my tail had gotten bigger, which it has. The surprising thing is that Manoah is the only other person to have noticed the change. She (the cashier) said she'd seen me walking around previously, but never had a chance to ask, and... yeah.

f] All of Today's Purchases
Only because I've once again proved that it is very possible to spend pretty much my entire pay on the same day I get it, the following is everything that I bought today: a 2TB external hard drive, a bag of Chiclets, two 120-piece boxes of "Favorites" Halloween candy, one bag of other assorted Halloween candy, four rolls of wrapping paper, four cases of Pepsi, and some candies, a bottle of orange juice, and a buffalo chicken roller and taquito from 7-11. About $200 altogether, so you know what? I may work for the entire weekend starting tomorrow, but I will absolutely not be going for snacks until Sunday night, if then, and if I do, only because Daylight Savings Time ends then, making it a special night. The hundred dollars Adam gave me will be deposited into my savings account tomorrow, if I have a chance to go to the bank before work, and that'll pretty much be it. I'm over wanting to gorge myself on snacks now that I've talked to Dan and Xion again, so after whichever night I go out on this weekend coming, I'd like to try to make it to next Thursday before buying anything else.

Now it is about time for bed, because I can't think completely straight anymore. The rest of tonight (that wasn't mentioned above) has been pretty okay, and I'm about a third of the way into copying TV shows over to my new drive, so hopefully if I leave that going overnight, it'll be done by the time I wake up. Tomorrow morning will probably hold much soreness and exhaustion anyway, so I'm not going to want to bother with it then. Otherwise, I feel good about today, and about things in general right now. Here's hoping that feeling remains throughout the next four days~

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