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Never Here When I Need Them

It looks like today might not work out after all. My plans last night were to ask about getting a ride out to Dollarama and Real Canadian Superstore before work today, for a few more things from both places, but as of a few minutes ago (at least), I am the only one in the house. Apparently it's been that way for most of the afternoon as well, because when I first woke up and went downstairs, there was a package for Adam on the computer desk in the dining room, and it was still there that few minutes ago, so... I'm not sure what to do. If Mom or Dad should come home before 7, I'll ask about just getting a ride out to the Dollarama over by Canadian Tire instead, as they should have wrapping paper too, but the candy, well, I guess it's not that important. I seem to be stuck in this mindset that says "Get as much as you can while it's available!", when I'm already pretty much out of room to store what I have underneath my bed. Maybe I should do the same as what I did last year and take a big box from work tonight to dump everything into. That way I'll have more boxes to put Christmas gifts in, and for that, it is a better idea. As for Christmas presents, I do absolutely want to have everything wrapped by the time Adam's birthday - the 16th of this month - rolls around, to pick an arbitrary date. That'll just leave things from Toronto and something edible for everybody to buy, which should be easy enough. Having mentioned Adam though, I can use that to move away from the above topic, and into the reply I received to the email I sent Trish yesterday. First off though, this is the message I sent her:

As I suppose you've heard about the bit of drama regarding it now, but I don't know exactly what Adam said to you, I figured I might as well send this message to explain my side of events.

Adam currently owes me $500, plus $10 monthly for the internet. That should not be a surprise to anybody, but the issue that arose today was his once again overreacting about things. I should not have to be scared to ask if he has any money for me, for worrying if he'll flip out, and should just as much expect him to be mature about it, and say "I don't have any for you right now, but will by the end of the month" or such. I would still like to see you and Ericka for Christmas (I already have presents for both of you), so in no part was my asking if he had any money for me meant to convey that paying me back should be his highest priority.

At any rate, I'm sorry for the trouble that presumably caused you (not that the apology likely means much), and hope you can see where I'm coming from, just in case he should tell you otherwise in the future.

Thanks for your time.

She hadn't responded by the time I went to bed, but the first time I woke up after that, I opened my laptop to find this reply:

I did hear about it..the hard way. As usual, instead of gathering his thoughts and being rational..Adam jumped the gun as they say and blew up..all over me. He called very angry and yelling and wouldnt reason and I just didnt want to deal with it so I did tell him to worry about paying what he owes(because he does owe it and needs to stop overreacting to it and everything else) and we could focus on us later.
I do understand where you are coming from and I am really sorry about how things happened last night. I just couldnt deal with anything or anyone after he flipped out on me and I turned my phones off so I could lay down and try to get rid of some headache I already had. You are right, you shouldnt have to worry about Adam flipping out on you whenever you bring up anything about money(I am still trying to work on him on this but he is VERY stubborn).
Ericka and I are still looking forward to being there for the holidays(just hoping the weather holds up long enough and the laptop doesnt die a massive death before then too).
No need to apologize for anything. In all honesty Adam simply overreacted and blew things way out of proportion when he should have sat down and thought before he did everything he did.
I hate to cut this short but I have to get Ericka to school. I will talk to you another time. If you need anything just let me know and I will do what I can.

...and with that, I find myself really kind of wanting to meddle and force myself in where I don't necessarily belong. I would like to recommend to Trish that if Adam should ever call her up in a furor again, she simply tell him "You're angry, and I don't want to talk about this until you've calmed down". The way she said she's "working on him" is interesting, but I want to ask what she means by that. Regardless of the person in question, trying to blatantly point out what they're doing wrong has little chance of working if they're stubborn, and thus truly believe that they have the right to be angry. In their case, it makes reasonable sense to think that he shared his budget with her, because there was an afternoon a while back where he was talking to Dad about having everything figured out, so assuming he told her the same thing, I would like to see her ask him why he didn't share the same information - at least as far as me getting paid back goes - so I wouldn't have to bother him unnecessarily. Maybe it'll come up when they're here for Christmas, but one way or the other, I just want to stay out of it right now. If they come to me asking for my opinion or advice, I'll do what I can, but until then, it is nothing less than exhausting to even correspond with her as above. Another thought I had about this while on the way out to Future Shop yesterday though was that this is one of the exact reasons I am taking a night course on psychology in the new year. I like the idea of being able to help people who have such problems, but as yet, it could be said that I only think I know what I'm doing, and as such, any advice I may give is not to be trusted. Why? Because I base it on what works for me, and what works for me may be disastrous for somebody else, especially people such as Adam and Trish, who actively gain... something out of being in a serious relationship with each other, whereas I prefer my solitude, and... ascension, almost, from the normal way of things.

In completely different news, I have done precious little else with my afternoon. I slept until 3pm, which was really nice and relaxing, and since then, have mostly been sitting here watching the overall percentage in TeraCopy slowly increase. After this, Star Trek, The Cleveland Show, The Drew Carey Show, The Magic School Bus, The Outer Limits, The Red Green Show, Top Chef, and Whose Line is it Anyway all need to be copied over, as does the entire folder of movies, but I'm confident everything will be finished by this point tomorrow afternoon. The drawback though is that because the hard drive I'm copying everything from is upstairs in my room, and I don't want to move it downstairs, I am unable to play any games in the meantime. I still have next to no desire to go expansion hunting in Metroid Echoes, but my free time to use the Wii is growing ever closer to zero, because Trish and Ericka will soon be here. I suppose I can still use it during the afternoon as long as it isn't already in use, but I've known that was coming for a while now. There is always the option of taking the Wii to Toronto, but as Dan said when I asked if they had one, I'm not going there just to play video games. Although ironically, that's what I did quite a bit the last time. It's past the time I needed to get ready for work though, but Mom has since come home, and said we should be able to go out to Dollarama at 7:20, so I might as well get ready now anyway. All I need is paper (and some more tape), so I should have enough time to get that tonight. Hopefully...

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