Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Something I Just Noticed

The Light Suit in Metroid Echoes grants Samus, along with an immunity to Dark Aether's atmosphere, the ability to travel along beams of light. It's really more of a gimmick, because it isn't available until after the point it would be useful, but it can also be used to acquire an Energy Tank and Missile Expansion from two different points in the game. The locations of both of those should be obvious to anybody who has attained 100% completion, but go into Save Station B of Sanctuary Fortress, head out to the very edge of the platform, and look over to the left. What about that one? Unlike the others out in the distance, it would be easily reached via the Screw Attack, but sadly, there is an invisible wall. Maybe it is possible to get around that, but as yet, I haven't found a way. Also, down in the Hall of Combat Mastery, there is an Ingsmasher (big statue / golem-like thing) right near the door from the Minigyro Chamber. If one refrains from killing it, and instead rolls over into the Central Area Transport East area, the screen continues to shake, which is kind of disconcerting. I haven't played the game aside from this ~45 minutes today though, so I've yet to find any other such oddities. Instead, I am wishing I planned ahead for the time change more, because I woke up what would be an hour early before the clocks went back, which would explain both why it was practically nauseating to stay up until 6:00 this morning, and why I feel more tired than normal right now. Alas, I still have to go to work tonight, and instead of getting the day off tomorrow to adjust, have to work then too, but I'm pretty sure Laura is the manager both nights, and I'd rather end with her than with Gabby, because she was the manager for both Friday and Saturday.

On the better side of things though, my presents are almost all wrapped, pending getting the denomination of money I want to include with the last gift from work tonight. I was going to work on them yesterday, but couldn't find the energy to do so then, and thus worked on them this afternoon instead. I do still need proper labels for the ones that are wrapped, and then with my next pay, will look around at Real Canadian Superstore or Walmart to get something edible for everybody, and for those things I'll probably need even more boxes from work, but at least I'm able to take boxes as needed from there, when everybody else doesn't have that advantage. Unfortunately, it also works against me, in that due to the size of the boxes, alot of the gifts look like they're really huge, but are actually just a normal-sized gift with crumpled up paper padded around them. Maybe the recipients won't mind so much, but I need to find somewhere to store everything until the 25th, and they will absolutely remain there until the 25th, because I refuse to allow anything else like last year with Naomi saying everybody should open one gift on Christmas Eve so she could open the one thing she really wanted. Or maybe that was the year before last, because I do remember last year she threw a tantrum over not getting what she wanted instead. Perhaps I will have to enforce a rule over everything I bought this year that says "If you complain about your gift, I will keep it for myself". Mean, but effective. Probably.

I now need to leave for work though. Adam wants to play Mischief Makers on the Nintendo 64, so I need to hook that up for him first, but that's easy. The hard part will be turning this fatigue into crazed energy (essentially what happened for the first four hours of last night's close), but I have a walk to help with that. And maybe a visit to Tim Hortons for something with caffeine. That certainly sounds like a good idea~

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