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Just One of Those Mornings

Since I usually divide this into two pieces, I will once again start by saying that the sleeping part was nice. I went to bed shortly after 5am, and slept for a good nine hours, so that should hopefully be all I need to make the adjustment to being on Winter time again. The dreams, however, were not, and there were more than one, to make it all that much better, and I'm definitely going to write about them in here, lest I go the rest of the day with thoughts of them lingering in my mind.

In the first, Josh, and a group of three or four other people were chasing after me, with what felt like malicious intent. I can't remember exactly what they wanted to do, but we somehow found ourselves over by where he used to live here in this city, and I ran inside, locking the door after me. Following that, I started trying to think of how to get out of the house a different way without them seeing me. Thinking logically now, opening a window in the living room and jumping out would've been the best choice, but at the time, the only escape I could think of was from the window downstairs in his guest / games room, which was pretty small. Still, I went downstairs and looked at it, only to come to the conclusion that even if I were able to escape from there without them noticing (not likely, as that window is right next to the door to the house), it would be extremely difficult escape to begin with, not only because the window was small, but also because there was a little ledge that would get in the way had I tried to climb out. Then, all of a sudden, Sheila was behind me, asking what I was doing. I turned around to see that she looked drastically different than the last time I saw her in real life - much older, with short, curly white hair covering her head and almost entire face - and tried to think of an answer that wouldn't belie the full truth of what was going on outside. I can't remember what my answer was, or if I even answered at all, but she looked at me, nodding her head with understanding, and said "But still, we don't live here anymore, so you're going to have to leave before you get in trouble", and that's as much as I can remember. A possible explanation for this dream would be that it stems from the fleeting thought I had about Josh either last night at work, or on the night before that. Even though we haven't talked in some years, and thus reasonably aren't friends aside from in the loosest sense of the word, it's like he still sees things as being what they were before between he and I. When he comes down to visit, it's not so much "Hey, what have you been up to? Want to get together and catch up sometime while I'm still here?" as it is "Hey, what's up? We used to hang out alot, and I don't think that's changed since we last talked, so let's get together and hang out again before I head home". Not to make myself sound like the victim, but it's like I'm being chased, which was exactly the case in that dream.

In the second, I found myself in the same situation that so many other dreams over the past couple months have started with. I was in Toronto again, and we were going out somewhere there. In this dream, we were headed out to a Christmas-themed event, to do something fun and different with our night, but I still had all of my things packed for the trip with me, as if I had met Dan at the train station, and we'd gone directly off to the event from there. As such, I found a place in the building to leave all of my things at, and went off to see what sights and sounds there were to be experienced. Shortly after that, Dan came back with a small group of people who I took to be his friends, and were going to look around with us, so off we went. The first thing we came upon was a balcony overlooking a special area where kids could either go to meet Santa, or to walk around inside a nativity scene, and we just stood there looking out, because the view was pretty remarkable (that actual event was a fair way down). Unfortunately, not too long after that, I heard a voice from behind me asking another person "Will you tell those guys to move? This is supposed to be for kids only...". I took that to mean they were talking about us, so I backed up and began to walk away, taking notice before fully walking around the corner that there were only kids in line otherwise, so evidently that was the line leading down to the ground. As I walked away after that, I lost all sight of everybody else in our group. I was suddenly all alone in what felt like a normal (albeit quiet) house with very few other people around, so I started looking for a window to see if I could still see the kids' event that I was previously watching. The first one I found was a window in the kitchen, as evidenced by the sink and faucet directly in front of it, so I propped myself up on the counter, and looked out and down to see desolation. And a blanket. There were trees around the edge of the whole area (and indeed, it was still a far way down), with light from what I think were torches placed slightly in from the trees, then a sprinkling of snow covering the rest of the inner area, and on top of that, a huge blanket. It didn't cover the entire oval of snow, but only the very edges were visible. As eerie as that was though, all I really wanted to do upon seeing it was to go back home (the apartment), so I walked back to where I'd left all my belongings, and found Littlecat there, so apparently I had brought the cats along too. The distressing thing about finding her there though was that she was panting, which isn't something I see them do normally, so with great worry I picked her up, almost starting to cry, while asking "What's the matter? What did they" (everybody else at the event) "do to you?" From there, I went down a flight of stairs which I somehow knew led back home (that being the home I am in right now), and who would I find upon going into the living room there but Aunt Patty, Mom, and Naomi all sitting on the couch. I immediately jumped to the conclusion that something had happened to Tabby, so I asked what was wrong, and between sobs, Naomi said what initially sounded like "Somebody stole Tabby!", but as I asked her to repeat herself between sobs of my own, it sounded more and more like "Somebody stole [unintelligible] baby shower!" which made me feel much relieved at the time, but makes no sense to think about now. After that, I woke up, and immediately went out to the TV room where Littlecat was laying on the couch, and pet her, feeling relieved when she started purring instead of panting, and looked completely content, instead of in distress. Unfortunately, I do not have a reasonable explanation for this dream. I can make sense out of certain parts of it, such as being in Toronto again, but I'm not sure why or how the business about the cats fit in there as well.

After that, I opened my laptop to find some unusual emails. The first is actually two messages from PlayStation Japan about resetting the password for an account that I didn't register for again, and the second was from GMail, saying that somebody had actually registered my email address in their account in order to be able to send messages as me, but that they needed my confirmation first, which they are absolutely not getting. Brief searching thus far has shown that "nightraven1666@gmail.com" is a valid account registered to somebody in Russia, but the differences between that email address and mine are distinct, so I don't see how that could be a mistake. It would be interesting if both that message and those from PlayStation Japan were sent on behalf of the same person, but I find that possibility unlikely as well. I guess I'll just wait and see if I get any more. The person mentioned above evidently has my email address already, so if they need to contact me for some reason, they can just send me an email instead. As for the things I left off at doing or needing to do yesterday, I got the bill I was hoping to get from work, so that just leaves two gifts to wrap now, and I will probably take care of those when I get home tonight, as Adam just came home from work, and I have a question to ask him with much irritation. When I left for work, the all but the sound from the Nintendo 64 was working. When I came home, I didn't check to see if he had been able to make any progress, but the sound on the TV overall is suddenly about half the volume it used to me. I tried checking the setup settings, but those didn't reveal anything, and needless to say, I'd really rather not have to hook up the old TV that used to be in the dining room, as it is significantly smaller. Getting a new TV could be nice, I suppose, but those are expensive, and I don't have the money. He'd better know what he did...

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