Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Adjustment Takes Too Long

I really wish I could think of or find something to keep me awake until 6am again. On Sunday night, I went to bed around 5:30, and yesterday I decided to be done before it was even 5, and the way I feel today says, if nothing else, that the extra sleep isn't helping. I do get the impression that this happens every year, and it takes several days to get used to, but if, say, Walmart was open 24 hours now, I would wait until 4am, then head out there and have reason to not be in bed until after 6:00. Instead, though, maybe Metroid Prime 3: Corruption will keep me entertained. I'm currently just past the beginning and it's starting to pick up speed, but a big obstacle is scanning everything. By far the most enjoyable part of playing Echoes in Hypermode was being able to rush through almost the entire game, but now I'm right back to the beginning in the third. Worse this time, although not directly related to the pace of the game, is the fact that it loads much more slowly than either of the previous two did. That isn't a surprise - the others were Gamecube games originally, and this one was designed to be run on the Wii, but the couple seconds is takes to open the map, or various delays after shooting doors to open them while the next area is loaded do get to be noticeable very quickly. Maybe I should just stop complaining altogether and see what No More Heroes 2 is like, or even go back to Wind Waker in anticipation of Skyward Sword, but the first thing I'm going to notice if I do that is that quite literally everything is different, which will be jarring, because all I've played for the last month or so is the Metroid Prime trilogy.

In other news, I am currently waiting on a phone call from Orlando, because even though I was wrong about the specific day, he still asked if I would switch shifts with him. Instead of Friday, though, he wants to close on Wednesday and have me take his supper shift, which is fine by me, because it would get me the hour back that I've lost by having a supper shift on Friday as well. It does feel kind of silly to obsess over single hours and whatnot, but I really really want to be paid $600 again next week, in order to have some extra money for if and when Walmart (and possibly Real Canadian Superstore) start(s) staying open 24 hours. It's kind of hard to believe that just last week at this time, I was already out at Real Canadian Superstore selecting Halloween candy to purchase, but I'd like to do it again, however I can't when there's nothing specific I need from either place, and no special reason to go out there. What's more, buying so much Halloween candy is proving to be not as great an idea as I originally thought. For the past several days, there's been a dull, constant ache in my stomach, and all I can think to blame is the candy, although those several cases of Pepsi certainly aren't helping matters either. I need to take a break, and remind myself that they're supposed to be a snack, and thus eaten in moderation, and not as a substitute for a proper meal. Of course, that isn't helped by not having much available to make a proper meal out of - most of the flatbread I had stored in the basement fridge had gone moldy, and I have no cheese to make garlic bread with - but toast or eggs could work just as well, so I'll have to try one (or both) of those tonight.

At any rate, I don't feel like continuing to write about the obvious, so I'm going to end this here, and go grab my external speakers so I can listen to music while I wash the dishes. The sooner I get those done, the sooner I can get back to Metroid Corruption~

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