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Another List of Things

Why am I writing this entry in such a fashion too? Because I am incredibly bored. Ever since getting to the point where all I had left to do in Hypermode in Metroid Echoes was collecting the Sky Temple keys and remaining expansions, it's been hard to take a good, active interest in anything. I've played Corruption up to somewhere after collecting the Grapple Swing, but the aforementioned feelings are keeping me from really getting into that game yet, and No More Heroes 2, while reasonably entertaining (at least as far as the first boss fight, which is all I completed yesterday), still doesn't fill that void. Maybe what I should do is play through Metroid Echoes again, this time on Normal (which is the easiest difficulty) to see how fast I can rush through the game. No expansion hunting at the end either. Just straight through to the Emperor Ing (and / or Dark Samus 3 and 4), collecting whatever expansions and powerups I can along the way that don't require me to go too far out of my way. At very least, I like how playing the game on the Wii has changed my original opinion from when I first played it on the Gamecube. Then, it was difficult and annoying to get around, not to mention the bosses seemed quite a bit more difficult, but now, with the Wii controls, it's fun and challenging, but not hard. At any rate, on to my list, which will be comprised of at least three items.

...or not. I was going to put this into list format, but after the below paragraph - which would've been one item - came out far longer than any of the others would've, I'm going to try to keep it in the normal format. With that out of the way, two more emails of interest have arrived in my inbox over the past couple days. The one that came this morning was from Brandon, wanting to know if he could borrow $50, because he's supposed to go to London this weekend, but something came up, and now he can't afford the ticket. I don't see any reason to say no, but noticed something unusual when I logged into my Easyweb account to check my balance. It was ~$100 higher than I had expected it to be. Going into last weekend, I had about $40 over my limit, and a ~$20 refund coming from Paypal, and then on Sunday, I withdrew $60 on the way in to work, $50 of which has gone into one of the gifts I have wrapped for Christmas. That would leave me right at my minimum desired amount, but instead, I had ~$90 over that when I last checked, so I think I know what happened. When I came home from Real Canadian Superstore on Thursday, Adam apologized for his outburst that had resulted in me leaving the house for a while, and gave me $100. I took that to the bank on Friday, and specifically asked for it to be deposited into my savings account, but maybe the teller misheard me. I don't want to check right now though, because I need to leave for work soon, and that'd take too much time. As for the second email, it came while I was downstairs playing Metroid Corruption yesterday. There was a purchase I made online probably over a year ago now, which I had finally given up on receiving replies to my emails about, or seeing come in the mail, but surprise surprise, the message I got yesterday said that the supplier is just waiting on some material of their own, and will then have my long-overdue package on its way to me. Then they ended the email with "I appreciate your patience here, and I appreciate your patience". The same thing happened with Dan a little while ago - his reply to me telling him the dates I had booked off for visiting in December said "I still need to try planning some kind of party here. Planning a party", but that's probably coincidence.

Otherwise, plans for today are pretty much set. I ended up having to call Orlando at work last night, but he confirmed that Melissa had made the requested changes to the schedule, so now I work 4-11 (or possibly 10, considering the dining room closer has been allowed to go home early on the past couple closes I've worked), and he's in from 8-close, which is all well and good and expected, but one of the things he told me while he was on his way back to check the schedule is interesting and annoying at the same time. Apparently Tom saw the change to the schedule first, and told Orlando "I would've taken your shift for you!" Right, Tom. You probably would've, but he didn't ask you, just like on the weekend when you told me that if I ever wanted any shifts taken, I should call you. That rarely happens for me, and the only time it has over the past couple years is on the day of a family reunion somewhere, and the only one I would have interest in attending now is in Burlington (or wherever it is that Aunt Patty and Uncle Rob live now) so I could talk to Dan and possibly Xion about meeting up somewhere afterward to hang out. What that means is that I wouldn't, and in fact personally don't like asking people to take my shifts, but while it's not likely to happen, I'll keep your request in mind. As for what you said to Orlando, you're most likely to get what you're after if he calls in, so just wait until then. I'm looking forward even more to my supper shift on Friday now, to see the way he, Orlando, and Manoah get along together after 8, but first, I need to leave for work, which I am now nearly ten minutes overdue for. Good thing I asked Mom if I could get a ride today~

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