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Getting to that Point Again

Thinking back over work yesterday, the shift on a whole went well, but several small things that have been issues for a while are wearing my patience extremely thin. I was going to write a post about this for the co_workers_suck community on here, but including the draft of that I have open in another tab, I currently have four drafts open, and it's already 9:40pm, leaving me both confused and ever-increasingly short for time. As such, I will start with this, and if those things continue to be issues throughout the weekend, I will then write that post, and get them off my mind. On the good side of things though, after my supper shift tomorrow, my schedule is back to the same closing throughout the week with Tuesday and Thursday off as before. Maybe that will continue right up until I leave for Toronto. Without further ado though, the following is a list of things from yesterday that I found particularly... memorable.

a] Tom. In one five hour shift, he did or said several things that left me speechless, the first of which was reminding me not once but three times that he'd be happy to stay until 11 for me so I could go home at 10. What's with the competition over hours? If you feel you aren't getting enough, why not speak to Melissa, since she's the one who has the power to make changes to that? Evidently asking us is easier, because later on into the shift, when Orlando arrived and was getting ready to start working, he was joking around about wanting Tom to stay on drive through until 10, so I played along and told Tom that Orlando wanted to speak to him. Instead of asking "What's up?" or similar, though, he finished up with the customer at the window, and walked back toward us, eagerly asking if Orlando wanted him to stay 'til 1. Again, you have your shifts, and we have ours. You don't see us trying to take yours, so what gives you the right to try and take ours? His attitude toward a couple people during the supper rush was also pretty unseemly - it's fine to tell people "I'm going to put these items into a combo to save you a bit of money", but do try not to sound annoyed at the fact that they didn't think of that on their own. Save that stern attitude for drunk people during the bar rush on weekend closes. I know I do, at least for the most part.

b] Gabby. All due respect to her and everything because she's a manager, but kindly... stop taking orders for us (the drive through person) if we ask them to wait a second, or if you're going to continue, be prepared to ring said order(s) in. Tom got fairly flustered when she did that to him yesterday, and I can't say I blame him. As far as I know, the official rule states that he have five seconds to greet customers, and is "Hi there! I'll be with you in just second / minute, okay?" not an adequate greeting? James actually did that at least once while it was just he, Gabby, and I there between 4 and 5, and she didn't say a word, so maybe it's a matter of the specific person or shift. Regardless, I intend to ask Melissa about that tomorrow, to at least get her stance on it. What's odd though is the feeling I got from that first hour yesterday. It felt just as laid back as things usually are when closing, which is an interesting theory. It's a shame I don't have any other shifts starting at 4 in the afternoon soon...

c] Pranks. Obviously this paragraph won't be about bad things, and I probably won't be able to capture the way I was feeling last night, but I was crying from laughter at one point, which has not happened in quite a while. For context, the sprayer on the sink was replaced with one that has a ring attached, to keep the handle on the sprayer depressed, so water continually sprays out. Immediately upon seeing that, I observed that it could be used to make a big mess of bubbles in the sink, and indeed it could. The first time I did it, Orlando came back almost right away and shooed me away from the sink, but after 11, when I was finishing up my last few things up front, he was busy with customers, so I ran back there and slipped the ring over the handle again, then left it for a good ten minutes. Laura eventually went back there and came up asking what he did to his sink, which made me start laughing quite a bit, but then when he finally had a chance to go back there himself, he found that she hadn't even stopped it. My eyes started to tear up at that point, but then he tried pulling the drain plug on that side of the sink, and a whole bunch of bubbles came out the drain on the other side, and I just lost it. I had to hold a piece of paper towel up to my face to calm down, and even after that I could still feel the tears around my eyes. After that, Orlando had to escort me out of the building to ensure I didn't do anything else, and I left to walk home still smiling. Overall, it wasn't a really good night, but it had its moments, so I'm looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings. Orlando is far from a replacement for George, but I enjoy working with him almost as much, and he is one of the three people in at 8.

As for today, it's gone pretty well, but I don't usually find myself writing entries in here so late at night, so I'm not sure what to say. I slept in today, which was nice, because I wanted to for once, and because I needed it, after people working outside kept waking me up between ~10 and 12. Following that, Mom and I went out to get groceries, which I was originally planning to walk home from, but am glad I didn't, because that would've left me with less time to work on my Christmas gifts, which are absolutely all ready to go for December now. The ones I have thus far, that is. I taped the paper on all of them together more securely, and stuck a label on every single one, so although it's largely meaningless at this point, I'm one step closer to being ready for Christmas. I've been thinking though that it would be better to focus on going to Toronto instead. I am scheduled to return from that on the night of the 23rd, but have an entire visit before that, which I haven't been thinking about very much. For example, while Dan and I have briefly discussed the idea of taking the subway to downtown Toronto and walking back to the apartment, we haven't talked about anything else. I have quite a few ideas of things to do in my mind, but the problem with them is that I think of doing them by myself. As long as I know where it is, I could go to Walmart after midnight easily, but am really not going to Toronto again just to do things on my own. For now though, all I want to do is go downstairs and play Metroid Corruption. I left off just after acquiring the Ice Missiles last night, and can think of a couple different paths that I need those to get through. Hopefully there's something of interest down one of them~

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