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Everything is So Tiny

It's times like this that make me pleased I can write this in FocusWriter, instead of LiveJournal's currently not working update page, which would force me to write in a box that this first sentence alone wouldn't have fit in. My friends page has also loaded successfully only once out of the entire night, but the offsite status page reports that everything is working as it should. I guess that could be possible, were it our internet connection causing the problem, but everything else seems to be working, and uTorrent is downloading at a pace that I would hardly consider to be the cause of connection issues. At any rate, much as before, but with a different time, it's nearly 7am right now, and I haven't given more than idle thought to going to bed, even though I have another early shift tomorrow, because I just don't want to yet. Funny to think that I feel this way now, when back around 1am I didn't know what I was going to do with the rest of my night. I still had enough to choose from back then, but ultimately decided to come back upstairs, and I've been here since.

Suffice it to say, Metroid Corruption is still boring, to the point where I've set the game aside in favor of other things. I've thought about playing through Metroid Echoes again, as mentioned before, and I could also go a different direction and put some more time into No More Heroes, or I could go back and play through Super Mario Galaxy 2 a second time, because that game actually was fun. Of course, whatever I decide will only be temporary, but I just can't play Corruption anymore, unless I'm using the guide or an FAQ to figure out where to go. It's not that the game is hard, but it's boring. There's no sense of exploration when you're limited to exploring one area of a given planet at a time, and that, in my personal opinion, is made even worse by the Hypermode gimmick. The enemies, even on the easiest difficulty, are either too easy, or ridiculously difficult to defeat with normal beam / charged shots, and while it could be argued that that's what Hypermode is meant to solve, it feels like too much of a departure from the other two games. Given that, maybe I'm just averse to change, but it's strange, because I remember enjoying the game before, when it was just that one game on its own instead of being part of the trilogy, but going through it again now, it feels more stuffed up than the original game, or Metroid Echoes. Why was the ability to jump while riding an elevator removed? Why is it nearly impossible to keep a lock on an enemy unless they're always directly in the center of your field of vision? Why do half the doors in Corruption take upwards of five seconds to open, when the ones in either of the two originally-on-Gamecube titles, which comparatively had similar-looking graphics, took only one or two, three at absolute worst? I understand that the next area behind the door is being loaded, but aside from the appearance of the power beam, I can see no appreciable difference between Echoes and Corruption. That being said, while this is an unfair statement to make, because I haven't recently beaten Corruption, I prefer Echoes first, the original Prime second, and Corruption third. Echoes struck a nice balance with being told what to do and being given a general idea of where to go, while the first didn't really even give that information (it did, but only after a while of wandering around), and the third effectively tells you "Do this, then this, and then this, after you've done the other two things, and don't worry about getting lost, because we've blocked off any misleading passages for you". Maybe, maybe I am a tiny bit biased, because I wasn't having all that great of a night when I first went downstairs earlier, but were that the case, I don't think I'd have been able to write the entire paragraph above.

As a result, I gave up on that around 1, then stayed in the living room for an hour looking through the game's message board on GameFAQs to try and find similar opinions, which was followed by making some supper, then coming back up here for a night of watching more Ghost Hunters International episodes, and playing / downloading various DJMAX Portable games. I'm not sure why I didn't hear about the series sooner, but they're really fun, and obviously more enjoyable than playing any of the GBC versions in an emulator. The only downside to them is the size. Even when compressed, they're about 1.4GB each, so I've already run out of space on my games memory stick, and am considering - but probably won't - buying a higher-capacity stick to move all of those to. Unfortunately, I don't have the money, which is hardly a surprise anymore. I figure the money Brandon now owes me can go toward paying for the internet upon our next pay, and whatever I have left will be saved for at least a week, aside from putting more away for going to Toronto. I absolutely do not want to have a repeat of last Thursday, and while I'm certain I've said this before in a recent entry, it's just distressing having money and suddenly spending most of it before the next two weeks have properly started. As for specific expenses, there is gas money, obviously, and probably $70 or $80 to buy Skyward Sword, and after that, if I still have enough, I'd like to try making one of these, possibly with a crushed cookie wafer crust instead of one containing oats. The whole idea behind making an ice cream pizza instead of a cookie pizza is to make it with a non-cookie crust, otherwise it's just a cookie pizza with ice cream on top.

I really ought to be getting to bed now though, as it probably won't be too long before there's a bunch of banging and hollering and rumbling from outside again, and I'd like to sleep through that tonight. I'm currently just waiting for a file hosting site to cooperate and allow me to download the second part of another game, so I will end this here, in order to be able to concentrate completely on that~

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