Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Not Much Better the Second Time

Slow day. Too much, in fact. I woke up around 2pm, played DJMAX games and watched episodes of Ghost Hunters International for what felt like forever, then came downstairs and tried starting a new file in Super Mario Galaxy 2, but that didn't work, so I tried going back to Metroid Corruption, and that didn't work either, leaving me generally frustrated, and feeling not ready to go to work. I mean, I can, but I'd rather feel like things are in order here before I head out, which it feels like I don't have enough time to accomplish. Regarding the above though, I am absolutely and actually (unlike before) done with Metroid Corruption this time. Something about the game is just irritating, so as much as I may want to play it in instances such as earlier this afternoon, it always ends the same way - with me getting frustrated and angry, and going upstairs for the rest of the night, which results in being bored, and, at present, eating too much Halloween candy. I do have to work tonight, as previously noted, so there's a slim chance that the break will help put me in a positive mood (but it's not likely, because neither of the past two shifts where I closed with Tom and Manoah went very well), but in either case, I intend to start a new file in Metroid Echoes and go from there. I would opt for the original Prime instead, but I can see getting up to where Fission (or Fusion - I can't remember) Metroids appear in it, then getting frustrated with them, whereas the most annoying regular enemies in Echoes are only found in the Sanctuary Fortress / Ing Hive, and are very much beatable, even on Hypermode.

Until then though, I now have one of the cats laying in my lap, making writing this markedly more difficult. However, before she jumped up I was going to talk about work and something else that happened this afternoon, so I will try to remember where I was going with that. Toward work, my supper shift yesterday went well, with exception for a lady who commented that I had a really deep voice, and when I turned around again, asked if I smoked. Really? I have been told by other customers as well before that I have a nice voice, but none of them have ever been so crass. How would you feel if I said / asked "I really like your hair! Where did you get the dye?" Offended, I would guess. It's kind of like the cashier at Dollarama back on Thursday who said that she liked my hat (yeah...) and proceeded to ask if it played music. Immediately after that, I answered with a confused "No", and as I was walking out after paying, mumbled to myself "What kind of a stupid question...?" Getting back to work though, Tom, Manoah, and Orlando were pretty much all the same as they usually are (Tom was a bit upset about having to be on the same position again, but that's nothing remarkable), and the only unexpected change to the night between 8 and 11 was Manoah wanting to close the dining room. Then, at 11, he asked me to go over to Tim Hortons for him, and as he was giving me his money, exclaimed that that was his last dollar (only to be followed by another), and mentioned that he would definitely be able to give me the rest of what I'm owed from him next week, so with that, and the $50 Brandon owes me, I might actually get almost $200 on top of my pay. Somewhat less fortunately though, there are expenses as discussed before, and I also bought that PSP memory stick deal, so after everything is accounted for, it'll probably be like I'm getting paid only $300 or so instead. Still substantial, but not as much as normal.

As for other things, all that I can think of to mention is that Dan and I had a short conversation earlier about plans for December. He wanted to know when would be the best day for me to have the small party that he wants to plan. I've been thinking of it as a party on the solstice all this time, so that's the answer I gave him, but I also went on to mention that I'd like to put something together on the 13th (probably just going out for supper), and that the 14th would absolutely have to be go-out-and-look-for-a-3DS day. I have the money saved up, and could quite easily go out to EB Games as soon as before work tomorrow (or tonight if I were able to get a ride), but I really want to actually get it there, so that is what I'm going to try to do. Going back to the party things though, I still hope that works out. Last time Dan organized a party (that I know of), Kinjry's 3DS went missing, but he has since moved out, so that may or may not change things. I do hope that there isn't a big group though, but I'll have to save writing about this for some other time. By the time I go upstairs to get my uniform and other things, I'll be late for leaving for work, and I'd like to have more time to sit outside than yesterday. Ten minutes is far too short...

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