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Karadur Inacu 

Only a Matter of Time

While it's mostly unrelated to what I want to start this entry with, Orlando asked if he could borrow $10 last night. I said that was fine, because I actually had ten dollars cash with me that I really didn't want to spend on snacks, but would've otherwise, and also because we agreed that he would pay me back on either Thursday or Friday. Thus, to share something that just occurred to me, that means that with Manoah's $140, Brandon's $50, and Orlando's $10, I will be getting exactly $200 on top of my pay, which should be pretty nice. That might only be a temporary thing though, which is where the title above comes in. Later into last night, I double checked with Manoah to make sure he would be paying me back on Thursday or Friday as well, because if so, I would just walk up to work on Thursday to collect that money from hopefully everybody at once. Tom, however, came back right around that time, and began asking questions. I didn't mind those at first, and it didn't seem that Manoah did either, until he asked how much Manoah currently owed me, which I didn't want to answer at first. My thoughts weren't so much that it wasn't his business, but that it didn't concern him, so in the end, I think I said "He owes me enough" or something like that, and dropped after that. Skip ahead now to after work. Manoah and I walked up the street to the gas station because he wanted to get another package of cigarettes, and then we went back and sat outside work while waiting for his Mom, and talked. Partway into that, one of the things he said struck me in such a way that I realized something I hadn't before: it is almost certainly only a matter of time until Tom asks to borrow money as well. Maybe he won't - he reminds me alot of Steve so far, but Steve never asked to borrow money from me - but if he does, I have already decided that I'll start off with letting him borrow up to $40, and go from there. I don't want to make the same mistake as with Brandon, because we're getting to the point just now of mutual respect and understanding that there are to be no shenanigans.

As for work itself last night, things went more or less smoothly, which is to say good for closing with Tom and Manoah. I'm starting to get more pointed with Tom about certain things, which I think is good (at least for me), and Manoah was awfully taxing near the end of the night, but as usual, we were talking and laughing like nothing ever happened not five minutes after turning off the lights and the end of the night and leaving. During the rush from 2:30 until a couple minutes after 3, I was getting decidedly irate and couldn't figure out how I would be able to make it through two more nights of the same shifts next weekend, but I'll worry about those then. Laura is typically better to close with, as mentioned before, and after last night, there's an increased chance of not having to be on line from 8pm to 3am. Manoah asked me to show Tom how to take everything down and do carryover last night, so I did, but only about half. The idea might have been for me to guide him through everything (at least as I do it) from when our shifts started until closing, but being responsible for that extra person has given me a new appreciation for needing to have somebody do prep work during the first couple hours of the night. What I mean by that is I could've asked him to stay up front to help me make orders, and shown him how to bag pans and whatnot in between, but instead, I gave him a list of prep work to do, and that kept him busy until about midnight, while I made almost all of the orders myself. On shifts prior to last night, I would've been wondering, almost to an angry extent why the manager was in the middle frying nachos or doing other things, but now I understand. I would, however, like to have a night where I am made responsible for those things instead, just to have a break.

Moving on, while I'm glad I bought it when I did, it is clearly evident that my newly purchased two microSD cards and adapter for my PSP will not be here soon enough. Currently on my 8GB memory stick are all but one of the DJMAX Portable games that I could find, with Black Square being the exception, but only because there isn't enough space to fit it in with the rest. Also, as of just earlier this afternoon, I have discovered the Hatsune Miku: Project Diva series, and while I've only watched one movie of it on Youtube thus far (speaking of which, that site is being weird and accusing our network (apparently) of causing / sending high volumes of traffic, so I have to solve a CAPTCHA to watch any movies...), it looks somewhat reminiscent of Elite Beat Agents (albeit without the touchscreen controls), and I already have the first game downloading in uTorrent. Unfortunately, it is only a couple hundred megabytes smaller than DJMAX Portable: Black Square, so I cannot play it either, unless I put those two games on my music stick(s), but I'd rather wait. I am reasonably confident that the new one will be here before December, but I've still yet to receive my Trauma Team book, so perhaps it would be better to be cautious. Otherwise though, I was playing the Clazziquai Edition earlier, but am up to a point in Mission Mode where I think I'm supposed to challenge two more DJs, but can't for some reason, and am unable to read the message saying why. That's probably due to the font though, so maybe instead of going right downstairs to play games after this, I should swap in the default file and see if it is readable then.

On that note, I never did make it to Metroid Echoes yesterday. I thought about it, but was too tired after coming home from work, instead heading right up to my room, and reading various pages on TVTropes, eventually leading to discovering Okamiden. I have of course downloaded the ROM, but am reluctant to start playing it just yet, because the previously-mentioned DJMAX games are entertaining, and assuming I do start another game in Metroid Echoes this afternoon, I don't want to be switching back and forth between three different games. It's interesting to see that there's a sequel to Okami though, and now... other things... Let's just say I've now discovered Rock Band Unplugged, and am reading up on how to defeat is masking ISOs and homebrew games, so this will probably be the best place to end this entry. Maybe I should leave Metroid Echoes for later, too...

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