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Not Going to be Eating there Anymore

Wow. We just got back from getting groceries. On the way there, I was doing random stuff on my PSP (mostly trying to find music I wanted to listen to :s), and as we passed by Wendys, Mom quickly told me to look. The entire building's gutted :o Then the news came on the radio a couple minutes later, and all they said about it was that the cause of the fire hadn't yet been determined, and that nobody had been injured. Yeah...

And from there, we got groceries, then went over to EB Games, where I picked up a 2GB memory card and a points card for my Wii. Just bought Super Mario Bros., so I still have 1500 points left, but I figure I might as well wait and see if anything better than what's already there is added. The only thing I like about the whole Virtual Console part of it is playing the games on an actual TV. For anything else, you can just use your computer :\

As for work tonight, I at least know I won't have to be on drive through :p Glenda put me on it last night, but not before saying that it was only so I wouldn't have to be on it tonight. Nice. As far as I know right now, it's me, her, and Jessica to close. Mark's there 'till 3, but he starts at 8, so I dunno. Maybe he'll stay, maybe not. The order comes tonight, so having the extra person there to put it away would help, but whatever.

Anyways, another interesting thing happened last night. I was sitting right where I am right now, using my Wii to browse YouTube for random movies to watch, when Adam came out, and told me to go watch some flash movie on albinoblacksheep.com having something or other to do with a lantern. So I did, and it turned out to be a game, and since the controls (spacebar and such) weren't mapped to anything on the Wiimote, it wouldn't work. So I went back, and then noticed this one. Started watching it, and my first thoughts were "Cool. Never thought I'd see a flash movie with furries at this place", then Adam turned the volume up on whatever he was doing in the dining room, so I yelled at him to turn it down, then he started yelling about "Oh what are you watching that's so important? Probably more of your furry..." and then he trailed off. One of these days, I'm just going to say "Yes. So?", because he's really starting to get annoying.

Long explanations FTW :3

So yeah. I think Mom's gone to work right now, and I'm getting hungry, so I'm off to see if there's anything in the fridge to eat, and if not, I'll probably go out and get something when she gets home :p

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