Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Way Too Many Downloads

I think this equals, if not surpasses the amount of torrents I saw that Naomi had seeding when she asked for help fixing something on her laptop before. Due to not wanting to wait until season 3 of Destination Truth was finished downloading today, I searched around and found torrents for all the episodes of season 4 (because while they've been released individually, I wasn't able to find a complete torrent), which then led to doing the same with season 3 of Ghost Hunters International, and those combined with all the other things I had downloading or seeding before have led to this. Know what's even better about that? It's Wednesday tomorrow, and Wednesday sees airings of new episodes of both season 9 of Top Chef, and season 7 of Ghost Hunters. The international version too if it was February already, but I think I've got enough going right now to make up for the delay. Sorting out and deleting most everything in December is going to be a treat as well, but for now, that's just one item on my list of things to do. The others are organizing a bunch of files on my desktop, most of which are homebrew PSP games and plugins for the same, but there are also several folders of music, and pictures to accompany said music, and visual styles, and a couple other miscellaneous files. I'm pleased with how it shows that I've done something with my day off, but I dislike the thought of having to go to work tomorrow with things on my laptop in a state of disarray.

Having said that, I am genuinely pretty pleased with how today went. I was going to go out to 7-11 and / or Tim Hortons for snacks earlier, but decided to stay in and use the last of my buns from Real Canadian Superstore to make garlic bread, which I am proud of myself for. I am not, however, proud of my several purchases made online today. One was a laptop power adapter, which I actually do need. If I didn't mention it in here before, Xion said he would take the old laptops Dad gave me, as I don't have any use for them and would prefer they weren't just on my shelf taking up space, but I don't want to give them to him when one doesn't have an adapter, so I bought it today, and just hope it arrives before the 13th. Unfortunately, after that, I began looking around for other things, eventually buying a hat / scarf combination thing, and two towels for myself. I don't actually need the former, but I had been thinking about going out to Walmart soon to look for towels there, because I'd really like to get a purple one for some reason, which we don't have here. All in all, that was the worst part of the day, simply for how long it dragged on, and how stressed it made me, but I am pleased with another something else, which has to do with my PSP this time. Being somewhat bored, I copied all of the ISOs that were already on my memory stick off, and replaced them with the other games I'd downloaded, to see what those were like. As it would turn out though, both Project Diva games eventually got to be slightly jittery, and Rock Band quickly got so bad that it completely stopped every now and then to load the next couple seconds of the song. The solution? Decompress the games to proper ISOs, which is an unideal solution because those take up far more space, but is better than random pauses. Now that they're playable, I can say that the Project Diva games are neat, and I like the music, but not being able to read most of the text is a hindrance, and Rock Band, while fun, is annoying for having to switch back and forth between the various parts of the music. Were there some sort of pattern to the switching, then maybe it would be bearable, but I haven't noticed anything of the sort yet.

As the time goes on now though, I'm finding it harder and harder to want to stay awake, so I am going to end this here. I forgot to mention it earlier, but Adam's birthday is tomorrow, and I'm not sure if there's anything special planned for that or not, so it wouldn't do to sleep in. [deity] help people outside if they decide to work on either of the two buildings next door though. Whatever was being done in the Wellington Center parking lot today wasn't wrapped up until 7pm, which is far too long no matter what the reason. Maybe I would just be better off to put a pillow in my window before I go to bed tonight, and save myself the trouble...

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