Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Don't Skimp on the Packaging

While I'm glad that it came today, for it being earlier than expected, my new PSP memory card has arrived in all of a small envelope, with the card itself folded up in a piece of paper, which was then taped together. Do I mind? Not so much, because now that I've formatted the stick in my PSP, it shows the full 29GB, but I was expecting it to at least come in a nice padded envelope, or perhaps in a plastic case like the other one did, alas, it did not, but I very much doubt making a fuss now is going to change anything. I should be happy that I got it as quickly as I did, which I am, and also that the cheapest one I could find also came from a seller in Quebec, instead of somebody in the states, which I didn't notice at first. Also, on a slightly different note, my Trauma Team book finally arrived yesterday, as did a check for about $67, which is already completely gone. I went directly to the bank before work last night to deposit that, and at the same time withdrew $100 for me and $30 for Mom, not to mention the many things I bought yesterday, and one rather expensive thing I am considering buying next week once expenses and so on have settled down. The item? DJMAX Trilogy. The PC version. Maybe I could, and in fact should try to get by with Be-Pachi Music and O2Jam, but it's still only an idea, which is why I'm not sure yet. As for the other things I purchased, I've decided that if they aren't here by the 13th of December, and arrive sometime between then and Christmas, I will ask somebody to hang onto them for me to be wrapped up as a Christmas present. Sure, it's not really right to buy things for myself, but I've been thinking of most to all of the stuff I've purchased over the past couple months as Christmas presents to myself, therefore it would follow for them to actually be that.

Moving away from those matters now, yesterday night at work was... a trial, to put it mildly. For some reason that I still can't put my finger on, earning a couple dollars less than six hundred put me in a slightly bad mood, made worse by not being able to hear the game(s) I was trying to play on PSP because of how loud the music on the radio was. Normally Christmas music is nice to hear, but because of that, I could not stand it for the rest of the night. The way I explained it to Manoah was that all the songs sounded virtually the same (if not for using similar instruments, then for being different versions of the same song), and there was very little about them that was interesting to listen to. In the end, I figuratively gritted my teeth until the end of the night, and as soon as it was 1:00, went to the back for my earphones and PSP to listen to some different music. I do hope this weekend goes better. Toward the rest of last night though, closing obviously went far better than working up until closing did, and then Manoah and I walked home because his Mom wasn't able to come pick him up, and we had a perfectly normal walk. I dropped my uniform off at the house, then continued along with him to 7-11 and Tim Hortons, where I bought him an apple cider, and then we went our separate directions, but not before I told him I might be in sometime tonight to pick up the money that he and Brandon owe me. Orlando gave me his ten dollars last night, or rather, it was Tom who gave it to me, making an uncalled-for comment about how I could "turn into the mafia" and laughing to himself as he usually does.

Since then, it's been an uneventful day off. I probably will see about going out later, because today would be perfect for looking for something edible for everybody at Real Canadian Superstore, and I would be able to stop by Money Mart on my way home as well, to have one more thing taken care of. The only problem is that I don't have anything actually planned for tonight. All of my ISOs - even the ones I had on my memory stick before finding the DJMAX Portable series and moving them off to make room - are copied onto my new memory stick already, so it's not like I can wait on that and feel like I'm doing something, and I did a relatively thorough cleaning-up of my desktop before heading out to work yesterday, so I don't need to do that either. Suppose I should go through everything in uTorrent today? No. Most of the ratios are still poor, so I'd like to give them a chance to work up to 1.000. Besides, Mr. Magoo is still downloading, which I can't delete until it's done. Maybe I'll start with tidying up my room this time, and see what I feel like doing afterward. Better than just sitting here trying to decide~

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