Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Have a New Dilemna

There's something relatively personal that I want to write about, which I feel I could, and would prefer to write about in a public entry, but in order for that to blend in with the rest of what's on my mind today, it would be best to put somewhere in the middle of the entry instead of at the beginning, but those thoughts are distracting enough that they are preventing me from writing things which I think sound good, but aren't related to those thoughts themselves. It's annoying, but that will be far from the only thing that's come up since the beginning of yesterday that I haven't particularly liked. Another item of interest was Brandon emailing me saying that he was sick, and was unable to bring my money in to work as a result, which I eventually told him was fine, because I can't hold him responsible for being sick, and to just bring it in when he was feeling better. Another thing was trying to make an ice cream pizza, which came out well, but was nothing short of frustrating to eat. A third would be not getting anything specifically Christmas-related at Real Canadian Superstore, and I think the fourth and final is that while I feel rested and not tired right now, sleeping was annoying. Too much tossing and turning, and the few dreams I can remember were a rushed blur that was in no way conducive to feeling incredibly relaxed, which is what usually happens. Altogether, maybe it's a good thing that I'm working the whole weekend, because that'll give me something else to focus on, and look forward to in the case of going out to EB Games before work on Monday to pick up Skyward Sword (if they have it then). Manoah still owes me $25 though, and I need to go to Money Mart before work tonight to see that the internet is paid for, which is more or less coming down to there being too many things outstanding or unresolved for my liking.

Moving on though, my problem as referenced above is as follows. I bought a Christmas present for Dan and Xion (one each). Specifically, a big box of Halloween candy, which is an idea that came to me immediately after Xion said that he wanted candy. Fine, right? I didn't, however, buy anything for Bungee, because I haven't talked to / interacted with him enough for me to consider us friends, which was a solid idea at first, but has begun to fall apart over the past week. What if he takes offense to me not getting him anything? Worse yet, what if he is hurt by it? That came down to Xion and I talking about several things last night, one of which was the aforementioned issue, which I tried to approach in a manner that wouldn't give anything away to him, by asking, hypothetically speaking, if I were to buy things for he and Dan, did he think Bungee would be offended by that. His answer? "Buy him a skunk plush". Fair enough, but I didn't ask what to buy him, which is where my dilemna comes in. I considered being completely specific, and saying "I have Halloween candy for you and Dan, so do you think Bungee would like candy as well?" I don't mind the idea of him getting Christmas candy while they have Halloween stuff, but I don't want to get him something that he won't want, and if I do go get him a skunk plush as Xion suggested, it's going to look weird giving him something that lasts, but giving them candy which probably won't be around past Christmas. I don't know. Maybe I should plan a specific day to go to the zoo with Dan, and get them all a plush animal - skunks for Dan and Bungee, and a rabbit for Xion, of course - and then just have the issue of not having boxes to wrap them in. A solution to that would be to bring collapsed boxes from home, but size might be a problem there. The best part of all of this? Dan is away in Chicago until December. Maybe I'll just keep the boxes of candy I have for him and Xion right now. Hide them somewhere in the house after everybody's gone to bed on Christmas Eve, and leave riddles for everybody to read on Christmas morning, and the first person to find the box gets to keep it. That sounds like a good idea.

As for the rest of things, I just feel kind of exhausted today, in every sense but physically. If anything will help to relieve that before heading out to work though, it is distracting myself with new TV show episodes, and putting some more games on my PSP / seeing if I can get CWCheat to work properly this time. I don't see why not, but I recall thinking the same before, only to not be able to see the menu because it was flickering so much, so hopefully things go better this time. Maybe there's an updated version of the plugin that I can use...

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