Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Maybe it is Fun After All

I'm glad I didn't wait too long to leave for work yesterday. My first thought was to head out around 6:30 to ensure having enough time to go to Money Mart, but then I got distracted with something I can't remember anymore, leading to getting ready to go at a normal time, and thinking about asking Mom or Dad for a ride so I would still have enough time, but as it turned out, they were nowhere to be found. In fact, the only person at home aside from me was Naomi, so I asked her where everybody else had gone, and she told me that they were all out at the Santa Claus Parade. Yay and all that, but it gets even better. From what I saw, the first float didn't cross in front of the intersection at King Street until I was just up at Tim Hortons. In other words, had I left when I planned to originally, I would've missed it and had no worries, alas, I had to stop, wait, and look for an opening to run across the street, which I didn't think I'd be able to find in time at first. The floats were coming in too close to each other to safely run through, so I had to walk over about to the other side of the street from where the driveway into the bank's parking lot is, which was right about the time somebody in the parade dropped their hat, and one of the spectators ran out to grab it for them, and I took the same opportunity to cross myself. At first, I was annoyed about the inconvenience, but on the way home from work, I realized that despite the unexpected obstacle, it was still fun to encounter. It's enjoyable feeling like an exception to the rule and not only running through the parade, but walking away from it at a brisk pace while everybody else is sitting or standing there watching, and seeing drivers in amongst the lines on the bridge trying to turn their vehicles around was amusing at very least. The inevitable rush of customers at work that came once the parade ended was not, however, but I'm told it was also busier than normal because some sort of checks came out. I didn't get a solid chance to catch up on any work until 1am last night though, so here's hoping tonight's close goes better. As for going to Money Mart, I have postponed that until I am (hopefully) on my way home from EB Games on Monday.

In other news, December 2nd is a date of some interest to me. Unfortunately, it is a Friday, which means I will almost certainly have to work then (I do surprisingly have the 27th (a Sunday) off, but that's not Friday), but aside from that, it holds three special notes, at least in my mind. One is that it is Xion's birthday, which he told me the other night, but I don't know if there is much I'll do aside from wishing him a happy birthday, because I won't be there until the 13th. Secondly, Mom and I are going to get our hair cut then, which normally wouldn't be that special, but happens on the 2nd as well, and the third is, according to Laura, that Walmart starts staying open 24 hours then. Will I go out on that first Friday? Probably not, but I'll have been paid by then, so it might be nice to set aside $50 or so to go out there some night during the week proper. Maybe I can get edible things for everybody from there. Also, toward the gift-related difficulties mentioned in my previous entry, I think I will go through with those ideas outlined, as I also plan to get at least one gift for somebody here from the zoo. Boxes will still be an issue, as will be wrapping paper and tape, but as noted before, I still do have some boxes here that could be collapsed. I'm not sure if it's related to this at all, but I came home last night to find a message from Xion asking "You there?". I told him that I was, but was going downstairs to get some food first, and when I came back up, he was offline, and hasn't returned since. I'm going to go with the presumption that he asked because I said I would have to show him a new list of TV shows I have downloaded to see if he wanted any of them "tomorrow", but never did because yesterday didn't start out very well. Ah well. Maybe we will have a chance to talk tonight.

Otherwise, I think I will spend my remaining half hour this afternoon on games, or leave for work early, but then I'd just play those there, and I think it's overall better here, where there's less background noise. I have a new game going by the name of "Half Minute Hero" to try out, or I could continue unlocking songs in DJMAX, because I've finally figured out that beating them in any other mode aside from Freestyle is what makes them available for free play. I can't think of anything better to do, aside from waiting for the last remnants of this headache to fade away~

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