Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I'll Just Take Tonight Off

Why? Because I couldn't wait. Before going to bed last night, I set my alarm for 2pm, and when it went off this afternoon, I eagerly went downstairs, hoping to find a message from somebody at EB Games on the answering machine. Unfortunately, were no messages at all, but when I went back upstairs - feeling quite let down, might I add - I found an email from Nintendo saying that the game was "IN STORES NOW", so I went back down to the kitchen, picked up the phone, and hesitantly called to see if the game was available, and when I learned that it was, if I could pick up my preorder for it. Obviously yes, but it seemed like a valid question at the time, because I had just woken up. Anyway, following that, I asked Mom if we could go out to EB Games, so we did, and I got the game itself, which is about one quarter of what I was after with all of this. Walking out there tomorrow would've been another two quarters, and getting the guide with it would have been the remainder, but all of those had been purchased before I went there, meaning that I'll check again on Thursday when we go grocery shopping, and if it's not in stock then, I'll put money for it on my card at Money Mart, and buy it from the website. Much simpler, even if I don't get the discount that way. As for the game itself, I haven't played enough to say much yet, but it looks rather nice. Having to wait for the MotionPlus part of the controller to be calibrated every time the game is removed, however, is kind of annoying. With any luck though, that will become more tolerable once battle controls are introduced and I can get a feel for now the new controller is different compared to the old one. Thus far, it only feels more sluggish than before, and if there's an option to change the sensitivity, I haven't found it yet.

Getting back to the title of this entry now, I do, sadly, have to work tonight, which would be significantly better if it weren't for one unrelated matter: Trish will be leaving to drive down here either tonight or tomorrow (probably tomorrow), meaning that while I will get one typical full night to play Skyward Sword, I will not be able to use most of my time on Tuesday to do the same, which is undesirable because I'm finally starting to realize (again) that one of the reasons I've been so... off (not depressed, but not completely well either) lately is because I've been spending pretty much all of my free time in my room. It's not a bad thing, so long as I have things to keep me distracted / occupied, but I really haven't lately. Returning to work once again though, last night actually went well, but mostly only because I was actively trying to stay away from making orders for the first part of the night. I started by cleaning, then moved on to doing prep work, then to more cleaning after that, and was then left making orders by myself for pretty much the rest of the night, which was from ~11:30 on. That made me quite cranky at first, and I was starting to feel the same way as before again ("How much longer can I do this? This job isn't fun anymore..."), but got over that when I heard Tom swearing about customers, much like Steve used to do, then he was also swearing at the dishes because they wouldn't stay upright (so as to drip-dry), and was generally just a delight to be around. While not fun for them, I genuinely do enjoy working with people when they're angry at insignificant things. The best part of the night came just after we closed though, when he asked (and I quote) "Where are the small garbages?" I motioned over to the drive through window and said "Down there", which earned an annoyed laugh from him, then I turned to my right to see Laura covering her mouth with a piece of card trying not to laugh. Following that, I called back "There's also one" (a small garbage pail) "in the office, but you can't go in there", and that was that. Honestly, I answered his question. If he wanted to know where the small garbage bags were, he need only have specified. Besides, he gets all sorts of upset at customers for asking stupid questions, so why should he not be treated (or at least answered) with ridicule when he does the same?

Those things aside, something else happened at work last night that made me realize December 2nd, and therein getting our hair cut, is much too far away. Just under two weeks to be proper, yes, but the length of my hair as it is now is driving me crazy. If it's as bad as it was last night again tonight, I may actually go so far as to use the bathroom mirror (and a pair of scissors, obviously) to cut off the worst of it, but that also made me realize certain inaccuracies in my... online image, shall we say. Is hair length really that much of an issue? No, not really, but if my hair is short in real life, then why should it not be the same in these pictures I am commissioning? Unfortunately, I cannot think of the proper way to capture the same thoughts that were on my mind last night, but suffice it to say, I am considering making some changes (once again, again). Whether or not that follows through this time remains to be seen, but I do feel as if certain things are getting kind of stale, and a couple other adjectives as well. With any luck I'll think of a better way to put this by the end of the night, but until then, I'm off to work. I wonder if I should hide my new controller first though...

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