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Here's One More Idea

I just had a thought. Well, several, really, but one of particular note, which came from a suggestion Tom gave me at work tonight, that I initially brushed off. He recommended I look for the collector's edition Skyward Sword guide at Walmart, which I thought as a bad idea then, because most of their guides are out for anybody to flip through and look at, and of course damage, which I don't want, but as just crossed my mind, I had to ask one of the employees to get a guide for Super Mario Galaxy 2 out of one of the game cases, so might they not do the same with other special edition guides? Possibly, but I am unfortunately not sure if I want to go out and check tomorrow, because I'd also like to go to Value Village to look for a new shirt, and I can't very well go to both places at once. Perhaps I will just go with my original plan, except check at both Walmart and EB Games, and maybe even Future Shop, although I'm not sure they carry game guides.

In the meantime though, Skyward Sword is actually getting to be rather exciting now. I saved just after uncovering a path to the surface, and am eagerly looking forward to using what time I have before work tomorrow to adventure further. The best part is that I was getting incredibly frustrated with not being able to figure out how to gain altitude while flying around trying to grab the statuette, when the instructions for such were apparently clearly spelled out in the tutorial. It would be even better if I was able to play it after tomorrow afternoon, but I have surprisingly discovered a Wii emulator while looking around GameFAQs' message board for the game for directions on how to solve the aforementioned issue, which I'm hoping will run passably well on my laptop. If yes, then great, aside from the fact that the controls might be a bit difficult to work out, and if no, then at least I've tried. I would be fiddling around with that right now, but I would like to write about things in here first, so I can take the rest of the night - perhaps even up to 7 - to relax and get ready for bed. And yes, I am still idly considering calling in tomorrow, but I can't do that. Laura is actually getting to be fun to work with lately, and I can't have it eventually come out that I called in sick one day a while ago just so I could play a video game. Speaking of work though, something amusing and irritating happened with - once again - Tom tonight.

The setting: drive through, with Brandon standing off to the side, and me stocking things up. I told him that I spent all the money had given me yesterday night, and he asked if I got Skyward Sword, to which I said yes, of course. I went on to tell him that I can't been able to get the guide, unfortunately, which was when Tom came down, and asked what we were talking about, so I told him. His response? Several questions, going from whether or not I had game guides at home, to asking what games they were for, to asking if I kept or got rid of them after finishing the game, and when I said no a mildly upset sounding "Damn!" Beg pardon, Tom? To the best of my memory, not once during the course of our conversation did I give the impression that I no longer wanted those books, let alone was considering selling them. They may not all fit into the category, but I do buy the versions subtitled "Collector's Edition" for a reason, you know. Apparently he has a sizable collection of them himself which is perfectly fine and all, but considering that, I wonder if asked himself "How would I feel if he asked me that?" at any point afterward.

Finally for tonight though, some more miscellaneous personal things, this time having to do with the autonomous part of my mind continuing to search for the beginnings of my insecurities. One memory came to the surface a couple days ago, but because I'd rather not give specific details at this point, it has to do with a certain post on Acmlm's Board, where somebody who commented said (to somebody who had commented before them) "Thanks :)", and mentioned how that was the first time they had ever used that emoticon. When I saw that, I was upset that I hadn't been the first, even though I commented in that thread as well. The second memory, on the other hand, goes back even further, to Dragon Realms, and a movie by the name of "Reign of Fire". I can't remember if I was so passionate about the obvious subject of the movie being my thing back then (and even if I was, it would've been hard to remain a member of a forum where literally every member shared that interest), but I still had the same thoughts. Sadly, the only conclusion I can see that leading to for now is that I was happy (for a time) at both of those forums, because I felt as part of an extended group of friends, which was the same case a couple years ago when I had over eight (I think) people on my MSN contact list. Still, something happened in both of those cases to drive me away (at Acmlm's Board, Xkeeper, and at Dragon Realms, some random member (Ceraloth sounds right, but quite possibly isn't) writing a blog entry about how things were going so well for them, and me being jealous / envious), but it has to go back further than that still. I am making progress though, which is a very good feeling to have. Now I just need to figure out what events were going on in my life during / just before that time, and see what time and thinking filters out from those. Something of interest, I would hope~

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