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Please Stop Bothering Me

Not two sentences in to the first draft of this entry, I received a completely unexpected email. It is from an organization going by the name of "Environics Research", and the title of the email is "Heart and Stroke wants to hear from you". It's about a volunteer survey, which they say I have been randomly selected for (isn't everybody?), and at first, I was going to email Michele to ask "Can you tell me what this is please?", because the only people I've communicated with via email there are Michele (obviously), Janice, but only once if I recall, and that guy who wanted to know if I would allow my name to be included in a list of donators, which I feel isn't relevant here, because it has nothing to do with volunteering, but instead, I'm just going to ignore it. Not only have I not been there since early Spring last year, but when my services are required, I'm not there often or for long enough for me to consider myself a proper volunteer. I would just like to know who gave them my email address, because I certainly didn't, and unless it was a field on the application form back when I didn't think twice about giving that information out, I have not knowingly given anybody permission to pass it along to other people.

In similar news, I finally got an update about something on eBay that I have been waiting for since the weekend, but unfortunately, it's of the undesirable sort. To be specific, I didn't want to wait until the middle of this week, and bought DJMAX Trilogy last Thursday, I think, and waited all throughout Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, for an email saying "Your item(s) has been marked as shipped". Instead of that, however, the message I did get says that the game is currently out of stock, but they should be getting more during the first week of December, so they would like to know if I'm willing to wait until then, or if I would prefer to cancel my order, and I'm honestly undecided. Given that they didn't say it was out of stock until several days after I sent the payment, it would probably be fair to ask for expedited shipping as compensation for the delay, to ensure I got it before going to Toronto, but the shipping was already free. On the other hand, I could decide to simply wait it out and hope they get more stock on either the first or second (Thursday and Friday), because if it were shipped out then, it just might be here in time, but it probably wouldn't be, in which case I could ask somebody here (aside from Naomi) to wrap it up for me for Christmas, but what happens if it doesn't arrive in time for that? It wouldn't change the game any, but that wouldn't be quite as special, so... I'm not sure. If I did ask to cancel my order, having that money back would be nice, but I'd probably just spend it on a couple more PSP memory sticks (I don't need another one for music just yet, but my ISOs stick has only a little over 5GB free now), which doesn't seem all that worthwhile just yet.

Messages and such aside though, I'm not entirely sure of how I feel about today. Trish is most definitely here now, and as Adam condescendingly told me last night, the living room is now their bedroom, at least for the next month, which I'm fine with because I expected / anticipated it, but I really didn't appreciate the tone of his voice. Kindly don't talk to me like I'm some sort of child who doesn't know right from wrong. I'm well aware that it would be wrong of me to expect to be able to play games on the Wii (or any of the other consoles) while they're in there trying to sleep, but that doesn't mean it's completely fair of them to occupy that room and put me out. If some sort of divider could be set up between their bed and the chairs in front of the TV, I would definitely try to do that, but the ceiling is rather high up, making that impractical, if not nearly impossible. I'll just do what I can to get by, I guess, because I wasn't all that far in Skyward Sword anyway. Just up to partway through the first dungeon, which will probably see me starting the dungeon, if not the game over again when I have a chance, because I've yet to find a way to go back to that exact moment and remember what my thoughts and ideas were about the area I was in at that time. It is possible to just try and push through anyway, but is far easier to start over. Oh, and as for getting Dolphin working, Super Mario Galaxy 2 was the game I tested it with, and while it runs well for being emulated on my laptop, it's too choppy to want to do anything with when I have a perfectly useable, albeit inaccessible Wii in the living room downstairs. On a related note though, my project for tonight will be to see about getting RemoteJoy working, because it would be neat, and probably somewhat like the Trilogy to be able to play DJMAX games on my PSP, but have them displayed on my laptop's screen.

At any rate, there were quite a few dishes to be washed last time I went downstairs, so I'd like to go get started on them now, but I also just remembered I wanted to write up a step-by-step guide in here on how to get Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Extend working for anybody else who is having the same problem as I was, because I figured it out last night, but don't exactly have enough room left in here now. I will try to get to that later, I suppose, but for now, dishes, and maybe asking Trish if she minds me using the Wii between when I wake up and leave for work if and when I want to use it. Better than just assuming I won't be able to at all, but that could still end up being the case, so let's go find out for sure~

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