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Maybe I'm Just Thinking too Much...

Taken from the flash movie I linked to in my previous entry:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Coincidence or not? Probably not, but meh. Just found it funny :3

Anyways, work tonight wasn't bad. Mark didn't stay to close (hell, he left without even cleaning up the drive through area), but we didn't have to put the order away, so that worked out.

Have tomorrow off, then I have to work 7 to close on Saturday. Feh. Apparently only me, John, and Steph are closing that night as well, so that's really going to be fun. Well, it actually might, seeing as Steph will be the closing manager, and she's still fairly new when it comes to all the paperwork and whatnot, but the main thing I'm worried about is how busy it'll be.

It's about time for bed though. I really should go to Heart and Stroke today, seeing as I slept in yesterday (although in my defense, I did think about getting out of bed at 12 :s), so it's time I tried to get to sleep.

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