Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Drama Makes it Complete

This is getting absolutely ridiculous now. They've been here for approximately one day total, and already Naomi was screaming and crying and blubbering on about something regarding Trish and / or Ericka last night. One interesting bit of her tirade may or may not have been that they're only currently here for a week, but that aside, I cannot blame Trish if she still feels the same way she did before when she said (on Facebook) that she will not be coming back here. Yet she has, and it's taken even less time than before for Naomi to get jealous or be overtaken by whatever is causing the issues this time. As for me? I'm still staying out of it, unless somebody specifically asks for my advice, but that didn't stop me from getting in at least an hour in front of the Wii last night. I asked both Adam and Trish if they would mind me using it at reasonable times, which they said was fine, so I completed the rest of the dungeon I was working through in Skyward Sword, then died at the fight with Ghirahim, and then collected the first star in Super Mario Galaxy 2, because Ericka was watching me play, and I didn't want her to get bored. Shortly after that, we went out into the kitchen where Naomi was baking brownies, and I observed that they smelled like they were burning, which they were, and that is really the only thing I can see that happened last night that she could've been upset about. She did come down at one point to say that somebody had made a mess on the floor in front of the toilet, but only called me a butthead when I said that maybe she should clean it up instead of telling us.

Following that, I would rate the night as standard. Instead of going out for snacks, I made some more garlic bread, got RemoteJoy working, but realized it's more of a novelty, because it freezes momentarily every so often, not to mention prevents exiting the game being played without completely powering the PSP off, then almost certainly necessitating closing everything on the computer and starting fresh in order to display a different game on the screen, along with the nigh-on imperceptible delay between pressing buttons on the PSP and having that action reflected on the computer screen, which would probably be fine for some games, but certainly not for DJMAX and the like. Ah well. I know I can get it to work now, which is exactly what I set out to do. As for the guide I mentioned wanting to write, I was going to right up to the point where I went around to collect links to the various required files, and noticed that such directions may be depreciated now. Still, all that's required is extracting the EBOOT.BIN file from the original ISO decrypting it with a homebrew program called "prxdechack", renaming it to "EBOOT.OLD", and putting that file, along with EBOOT.BIN and prometheus.prx (search Google for "prometheus module") into the SYSDIR directory of the ISO, then either compressing that to a CSO if you wish to save space, or copying it to your memory stick as is. Not terribly difficult, and I could just as easily have avoided needing to work out those steps by upgrading to a newer custom firmware, but I have too many questions about that. Will my custom (non-CXMB) theme(s) work as they do now, on 5.00 M33-6? How about all of this signed homebrew (games and programs that can be run on official Sony firmwares) stuff that I've been reading about. How does one sign their own programs? How was that ability discovered? What was preventing it from being possible before? Now that custom EBOOT files can be loaded at will, is there any point to the whole PSP scene aside from homebrew development and making custom firmwares that incorporate features which Sony's don't? It would be interesting to take afternoon to just read up on everything from back when I first got a PSP to what's going on now, but the issue there is that I doubt such a page exists.

At any rate, I need to have a shower and shave before I go to work, and if I have enough time after that, I will see about having another try at defeating Ghirahim, because it's kind of silly to have died at the very first major boss of the game. Trish and Adam were causing quite a ruckus with all their laughter down there several minutes ago, so hopefully they'll say yes, but if not, I'll... find something else to do. I could start with taking these pop cans downstairs~

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