Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I'm Ready for Bed Now

Check that. I'm ready to lay down and fall asleep instantly, so it can be tomorrow afternoon and I can play Skyward Sword and go grocery shopping and do other things that I'm looking forward to, but can't because it isn't tomorrow for me yet. I did beat Ghirahim on my second attempt, and now have to find a lost child's mother to tell her that said child will return in the morning. It is exciting to have specific things to do and new areas to explore, but unfortunately, I'm not sure how much time I'll get, because I'd like to make another ice cream pizza tomorrow, in order to figure out specific measurements and actually write them down that time, and there's no telling how late it will be after that. I am still finding the game more fun than Twilight Princess though, and like how the two beams of light piercing the clouds thus far are green and red, just like the primary color of the first two spiritual stones from Ocarina of Time. Coincidence? Probably, but it wouldn't at all be a surprise if there's a third, and it's blue. So those are plans for tomorrow, but I'm thinking of some more for the couple weeks coming. The first? It concerns December 2nd. If Laura is right, Walmart will start staying open all night then, but it's a Friday, so I suspected I would have to work, and probably be scheduled for a shift on Saturday as well, thus eliminating any fun of going out there after work on Friday. As it would turn out though, next week's schedule was up tonight, and things have once again worked out in my favor, at least for that weekend. I work 8 to close on Friday, and have Saturday off, so unless something unfortunate happens between now and then, I am absolutely taking advantage of that. I may not have the liberty of leaving my uniform in the shed this year, but that is quite fine. There are several other places around the lot that I could hide it as well, and I could probably even put it in the cardboard bin in a pinch.

Moving off in a slightly different direction now, tonight was the first since last weekend where I've had to close with somebody other than Laura, and with the close well done and over with now, I think it's safe to say that either Gabby is really slipping, or Laura was always more thorough than her. I can understand having to clean the grill even though I was on drive through, which happened tonight, but I shouldn't have to wipe down the shelf under the heat lamps, or put the racks back in hot line, or wipe down the counter food is handed out to customers in the dining room over, or put the rack that food is put on while it's being made back where it's supposed to go. Despite those descriptions possibly sounding complicated, those are all trivial things to do. Wiping the shelf down easily takes the longest time, and even then, it's only 15 seconds or so. It could be argued that I shouldn't be complaining if the things I had to do are all easy, sure, but that's just it - they aren't my responsibility. I neither ask nor expect Gabby to help with dishes (other than bringing them to the back), so shouldn't she complete all of her work without expecting a hand as well? To her credit, she did count my till, took out the garbage (but not the cardboard), and I believe swept, but the things she forgot are things that everybody who closes line (managers and crew alike) have to, and remember to do. Maybe she just has other things on her mind. I don't really know. She didn't offer a single "thanks" or "thank you", or apologize for having forgotten though. At any rate, I obviously have Thursday off, then work Friday and Saturday, have Sunday off, work Monday, have Tuesday off, work Wednesday, have Thursday off, then work Friday, have Saturday off, and am back on for Sunday and Monday, but not the following Tuesday. Relatively still the same, but I have more supper shifts than before (which is to say some, compared to none), however I can't remember exactly when they are right now.

I don't believe there's much else to say though, and it's probably time that I was actually getting to bed, because I can hear Adam talking and laughing down there, and it's a... unique feeling to still be awake when other people are just getting up for the day. The drama mentioned previously has seemingly subsided now (Trish said it was from "alot of things"), but instead of doing anything downstairs when I got home, I played a bunch of DJMAX, and a little bit of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, now that my firmware version is high enough to run it (and I can get the cheat device working). All in all, not a bad night, but I am highly displeased with all the candy I ate, so I'm going to try to eat as little as possible tomorrow in order to even that out. My Halloween candy is almost gone, which is helpful, but that says nothing of other temptations. One more reason sleep is good, and with that, I'm off to get some~

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