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Thoughts, Keeping Me Awake

On second thought, maybe it would be better to write about things tonight. I was just going to lay down early, but that didn't feel right. Too many issues and thoughts and uncertainties running around in my head, so it's probably better that I go over them now, so they're not constantly on my mind while I'm trying to sleep.

First, there's another money-related matter. Although it wasn't until several hours after the initial thought, I finally remembered that I wanted to look for the collector's edition Skyward Sword guide on eBay, to see what prices were like there. Walmart didn't have it, nor did EB Games, or the electronics section of Real Canadian Superstore for that matter, and it was out of stock on EB Games' site when I checked upon getting home, and I really do want one. The few that I found seemed reasonably priced - $3 more for the guide than EB Games was apparently selling it for, and about $15 for shipping - so I logged into Easyweb to check my balance, only to see a large transaction that I can't remember making, titled "VISA PAYMENT". I no longer have a credit card through Canada Trust, nor do I want one, so it seems logical to assume that I couldn't have been the one responsible for that. The big problem with figuring out when it was made though is that it's listed under the 21st, which was a Monday, and the most recent transaction before that was recorded on the 17th, which was a Thursday, meaning that the payment in question could have been made any time between Thursday and Monday. Right away, my initial suspicion is that it has something to do with Mom. There was that incident before as well where she transferred the entire balance of my chequing account to hers, thinking it was money she had forgotten about, so it wouldn't come completely as a surprise if that were to have happened again. In contradiction to that, however, I could be sure that back when cards with chips were being sent out to everybody, and Mom and Dad got theirs, they canceled / swore off using them, for what I assumed were religious reasons. Thus, the first thing I do tomorrow will be asking her if she still has a Visa card through Canada Trust, and if she says yes, showing her that transaction and the amount next to it ($162.51), to see if she finds it familiar. If not, then I'll need to go to the bank, but another alternate explanation just crossed my mind. I think I still have one of the Visa cards the bank sent me when I stupidly went along with what the person on the phone was saying, and signed up for one, so what would happen if somebody else here stumbled across, and used it for their own purposes? I want to say that is impossible, because to this very moment, the only option available under "Credit" in Easyweb is a button titled "Apply for credit", but until I go to the bank tomorrow, which will be my second course of action, I can't say for sure. At any rate, if Mom doesn't recognize the transaction, or says she doesn't have a Visa card anymore, I will be going to the bank to inquire as to who made that transaction, the specific day it was made on, and most importantly, what it will take to make my chequing account personal again. It's still a joint account right now, which is a bunch of nonsense. I can't even remember why that change was made, but to use a cliché, it needs to be undone yesterday.

After that, if Mom is the one who made that transaction, I will ask her about getting that money back, even if it comes in the form of not giving her gas money for a month or so, and if whoever I speak to at the bank (if I go there) can't offer any help, I will probably put a new plan into motion regarding money. Specifically, I will keep probably two hundred dollars at most in my chequing account at all times, to cover Sun Life's fee and to have at least some money in there, but then keep the rest in savings, and transfer portions out only as a need the money. For example, if I want to buy something online that costs $40, I'll transfer $50 from my savings to chequing, and transfer the remainder back once the purchase is complete. That will require a bit more work, and I'm quite sure that taking the "Joint" part off my chequing account will be a requirement no matter what happens, but that way there's less risk, and I'll still be able to pay for things as needed. Speaking of buying things online as well, I did, with two items earlier tonight. One was the Skyward Sword guide mentioned above, which I will ask to have wrapped up as a Christmas present regardless of whether it gets here by / before the 13th or not, and the other was a nice light purple (Lilac, as the listing referred to it) blanket which I do hope is here before I leave, because I'd like to take it to Toronto, and that (the trip on its own), is my second problem.

More or less, I find that I'm not even half as excited for going there as I was for previous visits. Yes, that is to be expected, to a degree, both because I've been there before, and because I've been anticipating it for several months now and am rather worn out, but I'm almost feeling like there's no point to going for as long as I have booked off, wihch I didn't realize the cause for until just earlier tonight. The problem is, in brief, that almost all of the plans I have thus far only involve me. Going out to (hopefully) buy a 3DS may look good on paper / in print, but there's nothing about it that requires me to go to Toronto. Similarly, aside from buying things from the zoo, there's nothing special about getting everybody a small Christmas gift from there. Aside from being able to say "These things came from Toronto", which is trivial at best if they're just small and meant to only be another thing to tear open the wrapping on, I could much more easily just go out to Walmart here, or head just down to the candy store on King Street, because I don't think any of us have been there yet. Fortunately, one group activity has been planned, which is that party Dan was originally planning for the Solstice, but that has now been moved back to Saturday the 17th, because more people are interested in it then, but I really, really need to discuss other ideas and plans with him in the coming couple weeks. If we do go through with that idea to take the subway to downtown Toronto and walk back home, I would strongly, strongly prefer for the walk to be at my pace, but as yet, the most we've talked about that has been me mentioning it to Dan, and Dan saying that we could do that. I just don't want it end up being me going there, but doing nothing different than I would here. I need to come up with more ideas - maybe nip down to Mississauga to say hi to Aunt Patty and Uncle Rob, if Dan doesn't mind the walk, and I can find (and verify) reliable directions. Unlikely? Very, but aside from that it's yet another thing which doesn't really require the involvement of Dan or Xion, it would be fun to do. It would also be very much worth asking the two of them if there's anything they want to do though. I would still like there to be at least one day where we stay in and just hang out (and absolutely either order out for supper, or go out as a group), but from the 13th through to the 23rd, I will be in an entirely different city, which I have seen only a miniscule portion of, so there absolutely have to be other things to go see and explore. Mind you, even having said all of that, the plans I have thus far are still things that I want to go through with. Going out to Walmart after midnight may be less applicable provided I do it here on the 2nd, but I do still want to go get a 3DS (Super Mario 3D Land looks particularly interesting, and Ocarina of Time 3D would be a must as well), and even if we end up not walking at my pace, going downtown and walking home would be a nice way to lead in to spending a day at home. What I really want to capture there though is the feeling I experienced after we got home from Wonderland. Due firstly to having somewhat fouled up my sleeping schedule the night before, and secondly to having been out all day, I was exhausted, and despite it being the middle of summer, I had a positively amazing, luxuriously deep sleep. Therefore, the formula would seem to be too little sleep + full day of activity = awesome rest, but the closest opportunity I will have to try that is on the 2nd of December.

At any rate, I think those are most of what was bothering me when I started writing this entry. Given the overall size of the second and fourth paragraphs, they had better be, and my mind definitely feels clearer now, so this looks like a good place to end this entry. The only other thing I can think of to mention tonight is that my second attempt at making ice cream pizza failed, because I tried using the crust recipe that was designed for cheescake. Even so, it made for a good sundae topping, but I still have to get the recipe right now. I think it's 2½ cups of crushed wafer cookies, 1 cup of melted, unsalted butter (let it hereby be noted that tasting the butter to make sure it's unsalted is an awful idea), and 3-4 tablespoons of icing sugar. If I get enough from my next pay, I'll try it one last time to be sure, but otherwise, improvisation may once again be required come that week in December. It's not then yet though, so I am done writing here. I can't believe it's been an hour already...

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