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The Solution, and New Problems

Starting from where I left off last night, the following things have happened, or have been brought to my attention by other means. I'm writing them out in list format this time though, because I'm nowhere near as alert and clearheaded as I was last night. I would've thought sleeping from about 7am to 2:30pm was plenty of time (and it was a really good sleep, too), but all the yawning I was doing at work tonight, and the fatigue I feel right now would seem to directly contradict that. At any rate, the first thing I have to write about should be obvious.

a] Regarding That Money-Related Matter
Mom said that she no longer has a Visa card, so about an hour after I woke up today, I got my things together and walked up to the bank, where I ran into who else but Dad. Looking back now, it would've saved me alot of time to ask him the same questions right then and there that I'd previously asked Mom, but I didn't say anything at all, nor did he see me. As for actually asking about that transaction, the most information the woman I spoke to could give me was that the transaction had been made around 11:30am on Saturday the 19th. Knowing already that Mom wasn't responsible, I eagerly went home hoping to find Dad and see if he remembered anything along those lines, but he was still out, and wouldn't return for another half hour or so. When he eventually did, though, he confirmed that he did still have a Visa card from Canada Trust (and got kind of defensive at first when I asked him), and had record of a transaction that coincided with the one I found in my account. Apparently he didn't have his bank book when he was there on Saturday, so I presume the teller saw the "PLAN60" account (normally only for seniors, but I have one for my checking account, presumably migrated over from the "preferred holder" type), and assumed that was his. If so, a little caution on their part would not go unwarranted, but I hope to, by the end of next week, have this issue solved. The first part of the solution involves me keeping $160 of what I otherwise would have given him when I get paid next, and the second requires the three of us (Mom, Dad, and I) to go to the bank on Monday or Tuesday to see about having their names taken off my account. Until then, I can't rest entirely easily, but it is a relief to know exactly what happened, and to have plans in mind to correct it. Skipping back to when I asked Mom if she had a credit card through the bank again though, she also mentioned that there was a long message from somebody at Heart and Stroke for me on the answering machine, which is the second thing on my mind tonight.

b] It's Not February Yet
In short, the message mentioned just above was from Michele, who wanted to let me know that she's actually ready to have me come back, and work on getting things ready for P2P receipting. If possible, she'd like to have me for two or three days during the week of the fifth, and she also went on to tell me about the Christmas party this year, which is being held on the eighth. Unlike years past, however, the format is significantly different. Instead of it being a large gathering during the early afternoon with gifts and games and free food, it is to be a dinner at Country View, for herself and the office volunteers only, with no gifts to distribute, and anybody who attends will be required to pay for their own meal. At first, I didn't listen to the entire message, so I missed the part about there not being any gifts, and was still considering attending. I wouldn't mind paying for my food if there was something else of interest out there, but now that I've listened to the entire thing, it sounds like little more than a normal dinner, except with people I haven't seen in over half a year. I hate to sound pessimistic or ungrateful by saying that, but that is truly how I see it. About the only redeeming quality it would have is that I've never ordered from the menu at Country View, but I don't think it's worth it to attend on the 8th just so I can say I've done that. Another amusing part is how even if I was considering attending, she didn't specify what time it would be held at. 6 or 7pm seems likely, but I still see no real reason to go out. I'm leaning toward telling her that I'd rather save my money for going to Toronto, but I'm not sure she remembers me telling her about that either. Her message didn't give even the slightest hint of it, and while I'm completely willing to help out on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, provided waking up early doesn't affect me too badly, I'm leaving the week after that, so I'd get in an entire nine hours of work at most. Ironic, considering I'm on the clock for almost the same amount of time in a typical weekend shift at work, and that there is my third, and final problem (for tonight).

c] Apparently I Have Reason to Be Worried</b>
Two reasons, actually. The first is that Melissa is closing on the ninth and tenth of December (once with Laura, Tom, and I, and the other with Orlando instead of Tom), and the second is that according to what Laura told me, at the manager meeting that was held recently, Mary said I wouldn't like working with her when she comes back on closes. To be fair, I am kind of worried about what that could mean, but the only likely possibilities I can see right now are her not allowing me to maintain the drive through area in such a way that everything in it remains stocked up until the end of the night, or forcing me to clean the grill, which would be a nod to the first night we closed together, where she asked me to do the same even though I was on drive through, and I said I thought she was going to do it. As with Gabby, if I'm caught up with all of my work, I don't mind helping other people, but typically it is polite to ask for something to be done, instead of just expecting the favor and becoming upset when it isn't granted. As for Melissa, my biggest worry with her closing is that we won't be able to do most things as early as we do them now. As Laura keenly observed though, having four people closing on the same night, even on the weekend is positively unheard of now, so if anything, she's scheduled herself for those two shifts in order to meet her quota for closing. What I'd really like to know is why I was the only one ever scheduled to close with Sheila, and now have the good fortune of closing not once, but twice (in a row, and on the last weekend before my trip, at that) of closing with the general manager herself. Reason leads me to believe that it has to do with me being an experienced closer, but I seem to be falling more and more out of favor over the past couple months. On the other hand, I have a different theory that says she wants to see Laura and I closing for herself. Maybe there have been complaints about us, coming from the openers. To be frank, I would have to rate Gabby as the worst manager to schedule to close right now (apparently Orlando agrees with me on that), but maybe Melissa is more concerned about Laura than she is Gabby.

Unfortunately, I don't feel quite as relieved as I did yesterday, but I'm much more tired than I was then, and now that I don't have anywhere to be right away in the afternoon, I would like to sleep in. It's Ericka's birthday though, so I would like to be around for that, and I finally found all the key pieces to get into the Earth Temple in Skyward Sword (the random object hunts to gain access to the area's temple are annoying already), so I could try figuring out my way through that as well. Or I could just sleep in, and enjoy that on Sunday, since I don't have to work then this week. Decisions, decisions...

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