Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Take That Back

My wishes had come true at work yesterday, but it's nowhere near as fun as it used to be. Back when Steve was still there, we didn't have to weigh out half of the hot food items, so everything could be bagged as normal, the dishes could be washed (or in his case, left for the end of the night), and we could go out to sit in the dining room for a while. Nowadays, however, not being able to use the normal food-making area is just difficult. Too little space (although I suppose that's why it's called "mini"), it's too easy to drop stuff on the floor, and it's just not a good place to make large orders in, which a fair portion of the customers who came in last night had. On a slightly different note though, I gave Tom a bit of a scolding after he yelled to me about "hating when these idiots" pull up before he can give them their total, meanwhile the window was open, and a customer was at it, waiting for their food. He expressed understanding for what I told him, but still tried to defend himself by saying they probably didn't mind or somesuch. Maybe not, Tom, but firstly, it's better to not take that chance, and secondly, it's not a matter of whether or not the customer at the window (if there is one) can understand your frustration, but of you trying to be at least passably professional. People that do that are annoying, yes, but either wait until the window is closed to tell us, or just sigh and move on. All in all, I'm just getting really tired of closing on the weekend. Given that, it's nice to have next Saturday off, and for the weekend after that to be the last one I work before going away.

Work aside though, it's surprisingly quiet here today. If I didn't know any better, I'd say that Trish, Ericka, and Adam have all gone back to the states, but they said nothing about it to me yesterday. One interesting thing they wanted to talk to me about, however, involves Naomi, and her meddling in things that she is not a part of again. To be specific, while I was in the living room playing Skyward Sword, she and Adam came in to talk to me about something that had happened last night. Adam had been going over his budget to make sure he had everything figured out for the coming month(s), and Naomi, apparently out of nowhere, came along, and in an annoyed tone of voice told him that he had better make giving me some money his highest priority. I told them to not worry about it then, and that if I actually hear Naomi say that again in the future, I will remind her that she isn't involved in the loan, because she's not. I don't know how she thinks she has that kind of authority, but she doesn't, and because of that, I'm glad they came to me about it. I even told Adam that I don't particularly mind him not giving me any money in December (if he truly can't), provided he promises to give me some in January, and actually does. I have said this multiple times before, but I try to be as lenient and easy to work with as possible. I wonder if the day will ever come when Naomi asks to borrow money from me...

Getting back to where I was going before now, regardless of whether or not they are still in the city right now, I am anxiously looking forward to getting in at least a couple hours of Skyward Sword today. Despite not seeing a way to advance past the first room of the Earth Temple when I first found it, I found the remaining rope needing to be cut with little difficulty yesterday, and managed to proceed through the rest of the dungeon in time to see everything up to going back to Skyloft after that. Still nowhere near being done the game, in all probability, but that dungeon was short. Ten minutes at most, easily less if you know exactly where to go and don't make any mistakes while fighting enemies. As for buying the guide for it on eBay, unless that arrives before the 13th, I might not be able to ask for it to be wrapped up after all. The only effective way of accomplishing that would be by asking for all packages for me to be wrapped up, as noted before, but if I do that, Brandon's CD is likely to get wrapped up as well, and I don't want that. I don't want to have to wrap my own gifts either, which is the problem, but I think that will be the easiest solution. I'm off to play Skyward Sword now though. I don't know that I'll be all the way through the next area by the end of the night, but I don't have anything else to do~

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