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Too Long = Not Fun

By the time I settled in to play Skyward Sword earlier today, it was nearly 6pm. Trish, Adam, and Ericka came home around 8 (they had just gone out for the day), and Ericka proceeded to sit down and watch me play through the latter half of Lanayru Desert, and the dungeon to follow. Let's be fair and say that it took me another half hour to get into the dungeon, because I couldn't find my way back to the weather-stone thing at first, so by the time I ventured in, it was just after 8:30. I didn't make it to and defeat the boss for another two hours, and I think I was doing pretty well. One room in particular was confusing (the penultimate one, where you have to take a different door than the one used to enter the room in order to be able to reach the boss door), but aside from that, two hours. Seriously. It goes without saying that it would be faster if I knew exactly where to go and exactly what to do (and knew in advance how to defeat the Beamos), but I think the only reason I finished it tonight was because Ericka was watching me, and I didn't want to disappoint her by turning the Wii off and going upstairs. That being said, I took the opportunity to save and quit after the cutscene upon exiting the dungeon, so I'm anxious to see what awaits me tomorrow, but really. Highly annoying, if nothing else.

Other than that though, it's been a pretty quiet day. Brandon did email me earlier with another request, this time wanting to know if I would be willing to order some things for Christmas for him. I cautioned him that if I did, they might come while I'm away, and I am no longer willing to try and have somebody here sort out his packages, because I don't want them to get mixed up with mine, only for him to reply, saying that the site he was looking at offered a 3-day shipping option for "like 5 bucks", so I said that was fine, but he hasn't responded since. One part of his original email that sticks out concerns repayment though. In particular, "so I was wondering if perhaps you could order me some stuff and then come Thursday I would be able to pay you back + some". What does the "[plus] some" refer to? It's obviously a bit far-fetched to assume he would order things for Christmas for me as well, but I'm not sure what else he could mean, and our interaction at work lately hasn't been anything unusual. On Saturday night, he told me that he told Tom to "stop being so difficult, and stop stacking up multitudes of napkins", which I smiled at because he does do that, and it's frustrating to take over drive through for him and have a bunch of napkins all over the counter, but that's been about it. Moving away from him though, I received a message from the person I bought DJMAX Trilogy from on eBay, in response to the message I sent them about the delay. In that message, I told them that if I could still pay $20 extra for expedited shipping, then I would just wait, but if not, they would have to let me know, and I would get back to them. What did they say? Paraphrased "Thanks for your response. Restock is coming the first week of December, and the game will ship then". I could send them another message to say "Way to misread what I said before", but honestly, whatever. If it arrives in time to be wrapped up for Christmas, neat, but if it doesn't, I'll likely have forgotten about it coming by then, so it'll be a surprise package.

Other than those things though, I'm tired, and it's only a couple minutes away from 7am, so I'm going to end this here, and get some sleep. The one thing I'd really like from tomorrow is to not be in bed until 3 in the afternoon again~

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