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Kind of Ridiculous, if I May

Since yesterday night, I have been trying to access a certain file on MegaUpload, however, that site consistently, to this very moment, refused / refuses to load. I think to try using this site to check its availability, but aside from one time where it worked earlier this morning, during which it said that it was just me, and MegaUpload was up, I've been getting "Over Quota" messages. And MegaUpload still doesn't work. All I want is Skyward Sword's OST, because I'd really like to see if any of the harp songs you get in-game are included, because the one played when you're first instructed on how to use the harp is beautiful and chilling. Even though it's essentially just notes going up and down again, that part in combination with the background is what makes it. As for that game itself, I passed the first trial last night, and from that got the item which grants Link the ability to swim, but then didn't do anything else past that, as I was too tired. As if staying up until 9am wasn't early enough yesterday, I then stayed up for almost another two hours to see Trish and Ericka off, which was immediately followed by a scant three and a half hours of sleep, but surprisingly, I felt almost normal up until midnight, after which I lasted only another two hours, and then went to bed early.

All in all, if I was allowed only a single word to describe yesterday, it would be "excess", namely in the form of lack of sleep, things purchased, and even more torrents then before. The first one has already been mentioned, but what about things purchased? I think I will need to use a cut for this, because the list might be long, and I don't want it to be immediately visible anyway.

The list of items I am currently expecting in the mail has now grown to include the following:

a] Collector's edition Skyward Sword guide
b] Purple micro-fleece blanket
c] Two towels
d] Several Christmas items for Brandon (being shipped to his address though)
e] A poster for Brandon
f] A Christmas gift which Mom will be paying for when she arrives
g] A Christmas gift which I have bought for somebody else
h] DJMAX Trilogy (the seller gave me a tracking number, so maybe it's out already)

And along with that, I also purchased two more Christmas items in-store last night, making it about $400 that I've spent within the past several days. Chances are good that I won't be above my limit when the 13th comes around, but I'm trying not to worry about that yet, because I don't get paid for another day still, and for all I know, that could not be an issue after all, as I'm currently owed almost $200 - $50 from Manoah, $90 from Brandon, and $21 from Mom. Once those debts are all repaid, I just might be okay again, but I have no way of knowing yet, because I'd rather not log into my Easyweb account until just before going to bed tonight. Mom, Dad, and I all went to the bank on Monday afternoon to have their names taken off of my checking account, and to allow for the chance of that change not going through immediately, I'll wait. Oh, and I just remembered another purchase made last night: four more cases of Pepsi from Real Canadian Superstore, because they were on sale for $4.44 again (I wonder if it's a coincidence that the price is all fours, and I bought four cases), but as there are still seven cans remaining from the four I bought when I saw them on sale at Food Basics, I absolutely refuse to touch those before the 23rd. All I really need to do right now is get a couple more rolls of wrapping paper. Finally, regarding torrents, as mentioned way up above, the total displayed in uTorrent is now ninety-six. Yes. Discovering Warehouse 13 just recently has certainly contributed to that, but I'm hopeful to find four more things to download in the next couple weeks. I will no longer have the full day off I was hoping for before to clean things up before leaving, but getting started a day in advance sounds like a better choice anyway.

As for the rest of today, I'm obviously going to play Skyward Sword some more once I finish here, but I also hope to talk to Xion about some concerns he had regarding the party Dan and I were thinking of while I'm there. He (Xion) is opposed to it, because while he's willing to be social, he'd rather be comfortable (his exact words), which I can understand and identify with. He said that's where he and I are the same, because he knows I don't really like being social with people I don't know, but in spite of that, I would like to have a few people over (no more than ten, ideally) to play games and watch TV and other such things with. I suggested additional options of either going out for supper, or heading out for another late-night walk in High Park like we went on back on his birthday, but the problem with the first is that he responded to it by saying that we could order in for pizza or something (not the same as going out), and if I walk in High Park is suggested, I'm not sure if anybody would want to go out in the cold after dark, especially because last time we had vehicles for transportation, whereas in December, the subway (or walking) would likely be our only options. Really, I think it would be best to have people over (if anybody is interested), and order pizza, but not go out anywhere unless the entire group wants to, and let Xion take part / keep to himself in his room as he wishes. He said he was miffed at Dan telling him he could stay in his room if he wanted, but I feel the same way. If you don't want to take part, you don't have to. It's not like we'd force you into a situation that makes you uncomfortable, and in regards to his concerns about things going missing from his room (which wasn't mentioned above), I don't think there's as much concern about that as he believes. What I mean is that Kinjry's 3DS went missing on or before Dan's birthday, which was when he had a bunch of people over, thereby making the assumption that one of those people took it, but as I said to him (Dan), as far as I know, there is no conclusive / decisive proof or evidence that it was actually stolen. Mind you, I'm not saying that it wasn't either, but Dan said he would be storing some things in his closet this time, which seems like a good precaution, and Xion, if he should choose to take part in the party, could just as easily hide everything that would be easy to steal. It's kind of a mess, but I've been offline since last night to think about it, and the decision I've reached through writing this paragraph would appear to be adequate.

I am now off to find Mom to ask her about repayment for the Christmas gift she asked me to buy last night though (my idea is that I give her only $10 for gas, and keep the other twenty), and after that, to play Skyward Sword, so hopefully both of those go well. Also hopeful is that the audit at work today got us an 85 or better, because there's a note at the back from Melissa that says if we do, she will buy pizza for everybody, and I would like pizza. More than that I'd like another mocha latte from Tim Hortons, but I fear that if I go there for one tonight, I'll be up until well after the sun rises again, and I don't want that to happen two times in the same week. Maybe I'll skip it tonight, and try again tomorrow evening, as they haven't had any lasagna casserole left the past two times I've gone there for it. I'll deal with all of that later though. There are things closer to home to be done right now~

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