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At Least There's a Change

Among other things I would like to have taken care of before going to Toronto in a couple weeks, getting the book(s) for the night course I will be attending starting in January is one I haven't been mentioning much thus far. Thing is, there hasn't been much to say, because the online bookstore seemingly didn't have a listing of required materials for Winter courses, but that's changed as of today. Instead of the only option in the "Select Your Term" drop down box being "Fall 2011", there is now "Winter 11/2012", but down below that, there's also a drop down box titled "Select Your Division", and the only options in that are "DAY SCHOOL CLASSES", and "S", which both appear to do the same thing. I don't see why the required book would change, but it would be silly to just assume it won't either, thereby leading to the difficulty. The easiest option would probably be to just go up to St. Clair and ask at the bookstore there, but if I do that, and they're able to provide information that the site can't, and maybe even sell me the book, I'll spend $110 there, when I'd rather keep that money free for incidental expenses during the next couple weeks. As per usual, I don't absolutely need to, but I've been giving myself too many breaks lately what with buying things from eBay that I normally wouldn't and all that, so I would like it more if I could make it until the 13th without going below my limit.

On a mostly unrelated note, Real Canadian Superstore is most cruel. Walmart still doesn't have holiday hours listed on their site yet, but Real Canadian Superstore does, however, they kind of work against me. From December second to the sixteenth, they're open from 6am to 12am, which is to say six in the morning 'til midnight. As far as I know, those are the same hours they were open during December last year, but for 2011, there's the difference of, from the seventeenth through to the 23rd, they're open 24 hours, but I, of course, will be away for that entire time. Not that it's a terrible bother, but once again, I'm mostly out of luck. I might head up there after work on Monday, provided I'm allowed to clock out and leave at 10, as the schedule says, but that'll probably be the only time this year. I'll have to think of some way to make it special though. On the topic of work though, yesterday was mildly interesting. Apparently the audit went well - some marks were lost, but only for, in Laura's words "stupid stuff" (Manoah giving an over-weight item to a customer, Gabby not saying "Thank you" when handing an order out in the drive through, etc.) - but we didn't score high enough for Melissa to buy us pizza, which I don't have feelings one way or the other about. According to Brandon, however, Tom was actually upset over that, but he didn't say anything to Laura or I, possibly because he knew we wouldn't care. There was a different incident with him a couple hours afterward though, shortly before he left to go home, if I remember correctly. The one part I can't remember is exactly how it came up, but he still has it in his head that because I offhandedly mentioned wanting to get apple cider for myself from Tim Hortons before, that I'm going to do that for everybody sometime before I go away. Not so, I'm afraid, and I'm really getting tired of it now, so if it comes up again before the 13th, I'm going to tell him "I will do that when you don't expect it" or somesuch, just to get him to lay off. Still, there is the possibility that he's just joking, and thinks I know that's what he's doing, but I don't. However, I can't expect him to know that if I don't say anything.

Other than that though, I have only two more things to talk about. One is brief, and one involves what I ended my entry yesterday with, so to start with the brief one first, we'll have to go back to work last night. Once I had started working and was more or less settled in, I asked both Brandon and Laura how last night went, both in terms of doing extra cleaning for the audit, and not getting out until around 3. Laura's response was a simple "Ten after three...", but Brandon, on the other hand, told me that Ang cleaned the dining room before him, and when he went out to check it, he found that everything she said she had done wasn't. Mary came up around that time and said the same thing, adding that "There are certain people" she would prefer to have do extra cleaning, and that she would've loved to have my help last night. Coming from somebody I don't get along extremely well with, that was nice to hear. It also connects to a question Laura asked me when I first walked in though. It had to do with my availability, and thinking she heard me say I could work Tuesdays now. I answered her differently at the time, but pardon me, Laura. You're a shift manager. Not the GM. My availability does not concern you unless you want me to take one of your shifts on a day that I would normally have off, which wouldn't happen anyway, because you're a manager, and I'm not. Just a little annoying, but as noted before there's something about her recently that's been putting me off. At any rate, as for the party, I talked to Xion for a bit last night, and that was the first thing we discussed. I told him what options he had (ask Dan to hide some of his belongings in his closet, use my backpack if necessary, keep his door closed, and not feel the need to take part in the entire party if he wants to, as I might duck into Dan's room for a quick break myself if needed), and he told me he that he appreciated my kindness, but never actually said "Alright, that sounds good to me", or "I'm still opposed to it", which I guess is good enough.

Anyway, it is time I ended this to get on with my day off. I still want to go out to Tim Hortons for supper around 7 tonight, but it's only 3:30, so I'll continue to play DJMAX or something. Skyward Sword is also available, yes, but I don't know about that. It's not that I haven't been enjoying it, but it doesn't hold my interest for long enough to make me want to stay downstairs for more than an hour. Maybe I should just wait until after supper, and try it then. Theoretically, that would keep me occupied for several hours...

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