Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Solutions to Several Things

Only three for the moment, but they've all come within the same short period of time, which was kind of neat. In no particular order, we have the following:

a] Since Walmart is apparently never going to update their Canadian site to include holiday hours, I just went downstairs to call the store and get an answer from an employee there. Instead, there was a recording, but the very first option it gave was to press 1 for store hours, so I did, and it told me that they are now open 24 hours, so after work tonight? The only thing that'd keep me from going out there is complete inability to walk. I already started making a list of things to look for there last night, and I will not hesitate to add things to it as they come to mind at work, and I have the opportunity. I'm even going to bring my backpack this time to make it easier to carry my purchases home, so all in all, I am very excited now. What would make it even better is if Orlando wanted to go out there with me, but he's not likely to. Oh well. I think it would be more special on my own anyway.

b] Although it too is being dodgy at best, I was able to verify that the book I will need for the night course I am taking in January is the same as the one needed for the Fall offering of the same - a book titled "World of Psychology", priced at $110, which raises interesting questions about paying for it. For one, while it seems reasonable to assume that if I could pay the registration fee for the course using my debit card, I should be able to do the same to buy the book, the only options given online for in-store purchases are by credit card. Secondly, while I do obviously have enough to buy it right now, and would prefer to do so before going to Toronto, I don't, so as to not drop below my limit, but that doesn't take other purchases into account, which is where the difficulty comes from. At the moment, I have about $50 over what I'd like, and if Manoah gives me the $50 he owes me at work tonight, I'll still not have enough, and that says nothing of going out to Walmart, or getting breakfast from McDonalds, or buying snacks at any point between now and the Thursday after next. The trick in this case though is that our next pay isn't until the 15th, by which point I'll be in Toronto, and because I'm working right up to the end of that pay period (or so I assume), I think it fair to say I can still expect to make only slightly less than I usually do, and only because I've had a couple more days off than normal recently. Therefore, that pay should serve as a reload, if you will, even though I already have about an entire pay's worth of money saved up for whatever I should need money for in Toronto, so it will probably be best if I get that book as soon as is conveniently possible, and try to only pay with cash until after the 15th.

c] On the way downstairs to grab the phone, I passed the front door, and glanced outside, to see a Purolator truck. On any other day, I might not have given that a second thought, but in this case, I immediately rushed back upstairs for a shirt, thinking there was a package for me (because I was expecting one from them), only to go back downstairs, and find that the truck was no longer there. Still, I opened the door, thinking they might have put something in the mailbox, but instead found something between the doors, which was for me. Well, temporarily for me. Unfortunately, I am still waiting on all of the other things listed before, minus one, if the seller was able to comply with my request. I asked them to address the items Mom wanted me to buy online to her, because she is the one who will be giving them away. Instead of saying yes or no, however, they sent me a completely different message so say that the items had been packed with care and were sent out, and that they hoped they had earned a 5-star feedback rating. Probably, because don't much care about being fussy enough to figure out exactly how many stars to give people anymore, and as that package is coming from just up in London, it should be here by the end of next week.

In other news though, it's going to be a long night, and I think I'm going to have to go to Tim Hortons after work for another treat with caffeine to give me the energy to rush out to Walmart. Not that I suspect I would need it, because being excited should be enough to keep me awake, but it's an idea, at least, if I should need it. Otherwise, Orlando, Laura, and I are closing tonight, which hasn't happened in several weeks, and I'm looking forward to it as a result. If the sprayer head on the sink is still broken, I need to tell Orlando what Laura forgot to on Tuesday night (that if I can do it, he can do it, and he has the power (kind of an inside joke)), and otherwise, it'll be fun to work with him for a full shift again. My only concern is that ever since I woke up, I've felt slightly ill, but it didn't prevent me from going out to Tilbury earlier (although it was worst while my hair was being cut), and for all I know, fresh air might do me some good. More importantly though, I have an email to send out before I do anything else (aside from finishing this), so I'm going to do that, and we'll see how much time I have left afterward. No more than an hour, probably, but that's still more than enough~

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