Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Temptation is Quite High

Even though I don't need to get anything else from Walmart (aside from Christmas envelopes if they have any, but only for a single one), and don't have the money for it either, I kind of want to go back out there again after work tonight. There was another nice, large pillow I saw there on Friday, except it's blue, as opposed to the one I got last year, which was nearly white. I was actually thinking about heading out for another walk to pick it up last night, but by the time the thought crossed my mind, it was 4:30, meaning I wouldn't have arrived back at home until almost 6am again, and as mentioned previously, I don't exactly have the money for it. All told yesterday, I made $50 (technically only picked it up from work, but it's money I didn't have before), and spent ~$45, so yet again, I just can't win. Mind you, I am seriously considering going out to Real Canadian Superstore after work tomorrow, because I should be done there around 10pm, and could just shop around and pick up a couple treats for myself. The major difficulty in that, however, is being required to wake up a couple hours earlier than normal on Tuesday, to go to Heart and Stroke, but I think I can handle that. Friday went by mostly well, even though Mom and I were up and left the house before 1pm, and even if it hadn't, going there for three days (at most) isn't worth the worry. So I have to do work when I would normally be relaxing or sleeping? Oh well. I highly doubt my sleeping patterns will remain this way for longer than a week, so it'll be like getting a head start even if I don't try.

In other news, something I wish I'd thought of sooner. It's recently come to my attention that there's a website going by the name of "FilesTube", which is a relatively useful source of direct downloads for various things, instead of having to use torrents, because those don't always work. Case in point: I have been waiting for over one year (overall) now hoping that this complete series Rugrats torrent would download. However, it's been 72.8% complete for as long as I can remember, but I haven't had the heart to delete it yet, thinking that would just be another step to my cleaning the files on my laptop up at this time next week. As it would turn out though, curiosity (I think) led me to try searching for one of the incomplete episodes on the above-mentioned site, and guess what? It was found. Following that was less time than I would normally spend at work downloading all of the episodes I needed to complete the series, minus the very first one, which can apparently be found on Youtube, but I haven't looked for it yet. So how do you like that? It's all done. I almost feel like emailing George to say "I also have this series complete for you now, so reply and let me know if you're able to drop by before Tuesday of next week", but no, I won't do that. The only problem with it is that same as with torrents, not everything can be found on there, and it should also go without saying that it wouldn't be viable for large files, unless one doesn't mind downloading split archives. As for George, I don't know. Maybe he'll unexpectedly show up, as a surprise, but my schedule for the coming week (between work and Heart and Stroke) doesn't exactly permit that.

At any rate, I'm going to go off and be undecided about when I want to leave for work now. If I head out at the normal time, I'll be early, but to no great advantage, and if I wait until 7:20 or so, I could get there just in time, but maybe be wet from the rain I can hear falling outside. Either way though, going back to the beginning of this entry, I don't believe there will be a trip made out to Walmart tonight. Tomorrow, after going to Real Canadian Superstore, perhaps? Yes, maybe, and regardless of the answer to that, I think going on the weekend (probably on Saturday, at least) would be an absolute must, in order to give me something to look forward to throughout closing with Melissa. Although judging from her reaction when I stopped by on my way out there two summers ago, she'd probably ask if I want a ride, but walking is what makes it special. Not that it's really even that far to walk, but I should focus on what to expect from work tonight first of all. There's no way to predict how well or how poorly Laura and I will get along with each other, and unless they've had somebody in to repair the attachment to the sink, I'm going to have to wash dishes the wrong way again, which was getting to be a bother on Friday night. Anyway though, hopefully work goes well, and if nothing else, I will email George when I get home. There's nothing to lose from trying~

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