Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Not Sure About This

According to what Brandon said at work last night, he will be stopping by here sometime before 4pm to get The Big Bang Theory put on his external drive, but the catch is that if he doesn't remember it, I won't see him, and it should be obvious what I fear is going to happen, not to mention that I don't think he's planning to be here for long enough. I have about 16GB of files for him, which could be copied over within an hour or so, but what if he would prefer to be at work early? I'm glad he took the initiative to tell me when he would be over, instead of leaving me to ask him about it again, but this afternoon might not be the best time. Not that I really have a best time after this, though, so I'll just hope he remembers, and comes here with enough time to spare.

In completely different news, I thought I was all finished (once again) with my Christmas preparations once again last night, but as I was crumpling up flyers to use for padding, I happened to notice something on the back of a booklet from Shoppers that I think Trish might like, and it's modestly priced ($13, if I recall), so I am going to (hopefully) leave for work early this afternoon, to go look for that and take care of another errand. I would rather not leave trying to find said gift until after work, because I don't much feel like walking all the way out to Real Canadian Superstore and / or Walmart tonight (yet, at least), and I think that instead of just spending it on snacks or whatever other frivolity, I can put the $50 Manoah left me on my card at Money Mart to have the internet for this month paid for. I'm currently putting security and knowing things are taken care of before having as much, or more money than I would like in my bank account for the 13th, and that's one of the most important things done to see that desire realized, but there's also something else I want to do, which Brandon sort of put in my head last night. Instead of going out to Walmart for just the things I need / that are on my list, I would like to go out there one night, and just buy anything and everything that catches my interest. Unfortunately, that could grow exceedingly expensive before making even one full lap around the store, so I might still do that before the end of the week, but limit myself to foods, and maybe one or two items from the bedding area. I rather like the idea of cleaning my room up really well, and leaving some candy and such on my bed for when I get back home on the 23rd, and on that note, a really big concern I have right now is that I have too much stuff to pack. I absolutely will have to try packing things up a couple days in advance, and it might be wise to look up luggage size constraints on Via Rails' site too, because it would definitely be easier to use the storage bin(s) up along the top of the car. Just so long as I don't forget to grab them before exiting the train. What a very stress-inducing bother...

Otherwise though, I received one of the several packages I was expecting today, this one for Mom (but the seller clearly did not see my message in time), and found a delivery notice hanging from my doorknob for another, which is just like old times, really. Back when I went there during the Summer, there was at least one day where Shoppers was holding a package for me, so I went up there first to collect it, and now we're right back to that again. Or I could just wait and have a surprise to look forward to all afternoon, but for all I know, the package will be for Brandon, and in that case, I would like to let him know as soon as possible. He should be here soon though (if he's coming), so I'm going to clean up a bit, and see about testing my backpack's capacity after that. I suppose if worse comes to worse, I still have enough time to pick up another backpack, or overall bigger bag, but for that, I would have to look online first, to see what is available at the store in the mall. There has to be something...

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