Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Too Late to Go Back

Twenty-five inches would've worked too, right? Via Rails' size limit for carry-on baggage is 26 inches, and the bag I was just looking at was 25, but I'm afraid that even if I do go to the mall tomorrow and am able to buy it, it wouldn't change the fact that I was already there today, and said yes when one of the women working there asked if I wanted them to order one for me. Maybe it'll still work out though. If that bag comes in time, I'll buy it and fit as much stuff as possible into its compartments and pockets that same night, but if they don't have it in-store by the twelfth (they took my name and phone number, so I presume they will call when it arrives), I'll go up there to buy one of the twenty-five inch ones, and if those aren't available, look for other bags in the same size. The only reason I really want the specific brand I found last night is because it has Via Rails' logo on it, and I assume that means it's approved for taking on the train. Still, it's fitting. I go there today, only to be unable to get what I want, just as I went to Shoppers yesterday night to look for the item I saw in the catalogue on Sunday, only to be told that they were sold out, and wouldn't be restocking them. I really really really just want to start packing right now, but I'll get there eventually, I suppose.

That aside, I've just come home from Heart and Stroke, which was pretty normal. Michele didn't arrive at the office until about 2:30, because she apparently fell asleep, but once she got back, I was asked to organize boxes of canvassing kits, and then start assigning those kits to the people they have confirmed for canvassing thus far. Then Michele asked if I would be in again on Thursday, so I took that opportunity to say yes, which is to say on Thursday, yes, but not tomorrow, unless I wake up feeling completely rested at noon, and find myself wanting to go there at 2. Is that kind of lazy of me? Clearly yes, but there wasn't any great urgency to the work I was doing today. Were it a matter of Michele really wanting to have that done before the new year, I would have offered to go in tomorrow as well, but it didn't come to that, and she didn't seem to mind. Speaking of the new year though, something about work. When I went in on Sunday, I found a new note taped to the door to the staff bathroom, asking everybody to pick two days from Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day to be available to work, and I picked Christmas Eve and New Year's Day, reasoning that I wanted Boxing Day off to go shopping, and New Year's Eve off to just relax and have fun. However, it quickly dawned on me that by making myself available for the 24th, I would probably have to work only one day after I got home from Toronto, but after consulting Brandon, he explained that the terms of the note meant that after Melissa makes the schedule(s) encompassing those days, there will be no switching shifts, so I changed my choices to be for the 31st, and 1st. There's also a small chance that we'll only be needed for one of our two chosen shifts, but I'm not counting on that. If it happens, good, and if it doesn't oh well.

Getting back on track now, as of today, I have received three of the packages that I was expecting, and found yet another delivery slip hanging on my door this morning. The package that came yesterday was for Mom, so I can't say what was in it, but the delivery notice was for my Skyward Sword guide, which I am still going to wrap up. As for today, I'm pretty sure I have DJMAX Trilogy now, and have yet another delivery slip to take up to the same Shoppers that we went today, for one of several things. It could be towels, or it could be the blanket bought, or it could also be one of the things Brandon wanted me to buy. What's more, the tracking page for item G over here currently has an estimated delivery date of the 7th, which is tomorrow, and yeah. Five packages within three days? I really cannot wait until tomorrow to see if anything else (be it delivery notice or something in a box) comes. It's kind of exciting, if I may.

At any rate, I am now going to have a shower because I need it, then it's off to wash dishes, because I have to do those, and then a night of trying to stay awake. I'm not overly tired right now, but probably will be before too long. I never did go to Tim Hortons on the way to Heart and Stroke as I was planning to today though, so maybe I'll do that later. It's not later yet though. There are other things to take care of first~

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