Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

And So the Chain is Broken

While I did receive something in the mail today, it looks more likely to be a birthday card instead of a package, as it's in a normal card-sized envelope and everything, which is a disappointment. I did get the Christmas gift item I was expecting to yesterday, and exchanged my delivery slip at Shoppers for a rather large envelope containing those towels I bought a while back, but no longer have actual need for, which is just... okay. I'm still anxiously hoping to get the blanket by the end of the week, if not on Monday, because that is one of the items that I was hoping to have to take to Toronto, but if it doesn't show up tomorrow, the best I'll be able to do is contact the seller asking if they've shipped it out, because I did pay for something other than standard shipping, and I thought I purchased it with enough time remaining before Christmas to ensure that there wouldn't be any problems. I definitely need to bring a second blanket along one way or the other though, and have several here already, should I need one of them.

On that note, stress over needing to get a luggage bag was building to a decidedly unhelpful point yesterday, so I checked the website for the mall to see when I would be able to go in there next, and to my surprise, saw that it was open an hour later than I thought. As such, after asking Mom if we could go up there, off we went, with the conclusion being me having a 25-inch bag to pack as much stuff as possible in. It's not quite big enough to hold all of the stuff that I have to bring this time, but I think I like it better that way, because now, so long as I find / make a tag with my address and such on it to affix to the handle, I can pack the majority of my stuff in that, and still take my backpack along, but just have my laptop in it, wrapped in a blanket, and other baking supplies as needed. Dan has now said that I needn't bring my glass baking pan or pizza pan, but I'm still going to bring the latter, because it's small and light, and it'll probably be more useful to have two instead of one. Otherwise, I'm just worried about the train being in motion by the time I try to put this new bag up in the compartment, because it's heavy, not to mention large. I'll find some way to make it work though, even if I have to put my backpack up in the compartment, and keep the bag in front of me for the entire trip.

That aside, I'm not sure what today has in store. Going to Heart and Stroke, then out to get groceries, obviously, but what about after that? I was going to try making peanut butter balls, as per this recipe (instead of the labor-intensive peanut butter and Rice Crispies mixture that somebody made here before, which was pretty awful), but would rather not spend the money if I can avoid it, and also want to do something special, as this will be my last normal night off from work for a good couple weeks. Go to Tim Hortons for lasagna, perhaps? Apparently they stop serving it around 8pm, so I'd have to go before then, and if not, I'm unsure of other options, because I don't much want to go to 7-11, for having been there too often since last weekend. Maybe I should give Subway a try again, or maybe I should look for something to snack on out at Real Canadian Superstore, and buy that for myself, which reminds me that I still (still) have to look for Christmas-themed envelopes. Also, on a different note, I still need to think of something to ask for as my birthday supper as well. I was thinking about going to Quo Vadis yesterday, but between their short take-out menu, and remembering having pizza from there at work, courtesy of Laura, I no longer want to, except as a last resort. Thinking of something that can be made here would be much better, but... nothing comes to mind.

I'm going to leave for Heart and Stroke in a few minutes though, because I want to go to Tim Hortons first, and will probably forget something if I try to get ready right at the last minute. The very first thing to do? Ask Mom if she's willing to wait until 5 (or later) to go out. Putting in another three hours today would be the most reasonable thing to do~

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