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Finding the Right Thing Helps

Going back to the supper shift I worked earlier this week, Brandon asked if I could download a TV series called "Breaking Bad" just before he left, so I looked for torrents upon getting home, and found one that, yesterday night, was almost up at being 90% complete before I deleted everything to do with it. As it would turn out, the torrent I selected was comprised of several different filetypes - MKV, MP4, and AVI, that I can remember - and I just couldn't have that. Thankfully (or perhaps I should say "obviously"), there were torrents for all four seasons in standard XviD / MP3 format, so I loaded the first one into uTorrent on its own, and the entire ~4GB downloaded in a couple hours or so. Upon seeing that, I located torrents for the other three seasons and left them to download while I sprawled out in bed and eventually fell asleep, then woke up today to find seasons 2 and 3 complete, and season 4 only about an hour and a half away from being finished as well, which makes the ratio upwards of four days for the inconsistent file formats version, to ~12 hours for the same thing, but with consistent formatting, and from separate sources. Useful? Yes, and according to Dan that show is good and I should keep a copy for myself, but unless I happen to catch some of it while I'm there with him (for that's the only place I can see myself watching actual TV), I'll pass on that. Brandon wants it, so Brandon will get it (hopefully before the 13th), and I already need to bring that drive with me because Xion lost the shows I gave him before, so I'll ask Dan if he wants that series as well at the same time.

The next-most-important thing on my mind today is plans for work, or to be more correct, what to do after work. I want to - nay - will go out to Walmart again sometime before Tuesday, but I don't think it'll be tonight, because that would just serve to make me tired tomorrow, and I shouldn't have to explain why I'd rather be tired on a night where it's less likely to be really busy. I still don't quite have the money for it, and unfortunately won't before I go away, but in spite of that, I can't allow myself to go only once throughout the entire month, although if it's relatively nearby, that might be something to do on my own in Toronto. Dan already said that I'm more than welcome to do things by myself if I want as well, and as we'll probably have a fair bit of unscheduled time, especially if I find myself not quite tired enough to go to bed when he does on some particular night, I would like to go out there, shop around (for small things), enjoy some time on my own, like when I went to London for the day. Thinking about it further as well, I can't remember if I mentioned it in here or not, but due to various changes there, Dan has his room back again, whereas the past two times I was there, a fourth roommate was using it, so Xion's room is now quite empty, which I assume is why he said that I should feel free to wander in there and hang out with him and Chris. I can do that, especially if Dan is asleep but I am not tired, and one or both of them might be up for taking a late-night trip out to Walmart as well. Could be fun (very, in fact), but I need to also remember to try and avoid what happened last time - staying up later than normal due to Xion being awake until about the same hour I am here, and thus sleeping in later. I will at least ask, because the worst that could happen is just going out on my own.

In unrelated news, although I was thinking about offering to go there today as well, while I was there yesterday, I am now finished my work at Heart and Stroke once again, until February. I want to say it's really a shame, because I was just getting into the fun and energetic feeling of listening to music while working on my assignment(s) again, but having the next couple months off isn't entirely a bad thing either. One other special note about yesterday though was that it was the night of the Christmas gathering. I hesitate to call it a party, given the restrictions in place this year, so that'll suffice, but it was yesterday, and sure enough, as I was tidying up my area and getting ready to head back home, Michele said that she wanted to give me some sort of thank-you again, as she has done the past couple years, and asked if I would like another gift card for Bulk Barn, or movie certificates, or something else. I said a gift card for Bulk Barn would be fine, with a very slight (slight enough to not be noticeable unless one knew to look for it) frown on my face, because truthfully, I still have the one she gave me last year, and have felt pressing need to use it only in the form of wondering if it might have an expiration date. I wasn't able to change my mind before I left though, because I took off almost immediately afterward, but then ran into Mom and Dad on the way home, where Mom said that she would go back to the house with me so we could go right out to get groceries. Just after that, however, I remembered I left my cup of water up at the front desk, where I had been sitting, so I asked if we could go back there first, and along the way was thinking of how to ask Michele what I was thinking of about the aforementioned reward. In the end, I simply asked if it would be rude of me to ask for cash, because that way I could use it in Toronto, to which she said "Not at all!", and beckoned me into her office, where she gave me a twenty-dollar bill. Which is nice, and I will tuck it away into the money I have saved up for my trip, because it would be wrong of me to just go and spend it here somewhere, and came at the cost of only feeling awkward about what I had asked for the rest of the night. She did say "Not at all!", and I guess in my defense, if she did have something in mind to get me, she wouldn't have asked what I wanted in the first place, but yeah. Yay for being paid $20 for ~5.5 hours of work. Volunteer work, at that.

Other things aside though, I see no reason to not resume pretty much what I was doing yesterday night now - playing DJMAX Trilogy (it's quite fun, but I am currently... not adept, shall we say, at all but the easiest of six-key charts (I don't yet have the seven or eight-key modes unlocked)), or maybe StepMania again (I like picking it up again after not playing it for a while, because I forget what songs and note patterns I found too difficult before, and actually improve a bit (or so it seems)), or figure out a DJMAX Trilogy-like control scheme to use for Be-Pachi Music (the turntable button is by far the biggest issue, because I tried assigning it to the space bar last night, but that's what DJMAX Trilogy uses to activate Fever, so I'm used to looking at the bottom-middle of the playing field for the cue to use that, as opposed to over on the far left (not to mention timing between the two games is slightly different - enough so to throw one off)), and such else. It's amusing, really. Some time ago, Xion and I were having a conversation, and Skyrim came up. He said I should download it, and that I would love him for it when I did, but I neither have nor want to, first because I can't see it running really well on my laptop, and I'm not about to upgrade it / look into buying a new one just to play one game, and those types of games just aren't interesting anymore. Rhythm games produce real, physical (albeit largely impractical) improvement, but what such benefits are there to be gained from, say, adventure games like the one mentioned above? None that I can think of, but maybe it's just me. Instead of thinking about that though, I might as well clean up the files on my desktop. Aside from the new stuff I've been downloading in uTorrent, everything else is completely finished, so the only remaining steps are to make a tag for my big luggage bag, and write up a list of things to pack, and make sure I have all packed again up on the 23rd. I've been meaning to do that for the past several days though, so I'm not sure if this afternoon will offer any improvement...

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