Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Maybe Tom was Right

Retroactively, that is. Over the course of last night, he came right up close and whispered that it was going to be a long night at least three times, which I did my best to shrug off, because I didn't see / understand what he was worried about. Closing with Melissa, obviously, but in my opinion, the night went better than any other recent weekend close, pretty much entirely because we had a fourth person to help. I don't want to say she's specifically fun to work with, but closing with somebody who normally isn't put on those shifts can be enjoyable, and last night was a good example of that. At any rate, Tom said it was going to be a long night, and I didn't really care then, but tonight, I'm having the same thoughts, even though I'm not at work yet. I think it would definitely be better if the sun wasn't streaming directly through my window this morning. Without that, I would probably have slept in until 2 or 3, but because of the warmth and light (mostly the light), I've been up since about the same time I had to wake up on Friday of last weekend. At least then I had things to look forward to - going to Tilbury, and out to Walmart after work, to name a few, but tonight, I have nothing of the sort. Well, going to Walmart is a vague possibility, but I don't want to go there and just aimlessly wander around, and I certainly don't want to make up a list and buy the same amount of stuff I did back on the 2nd. I wonder what saving that for Monday would be like...

Getting back to work last night though, one other specific thing comes to mind, involving Tom, a customer, and me. I didn't hear the customer, because I was making orders, but apparently he (or a passenger, etc.) yelled "Hey, tail boy! You're gay!" or somesuch. I did hear Tom say "There's no need to be rude" and "Have a nice night", but I do wish he had let me handle that. I came up with two possible retorts on the way home, one being "You know I'm the one making your food, right?" (not so much to say "So I could mess it up because you're being rude" as "If I offend you that much, are you sure I'm the one you want handling your order?"), and the other, "Hey, drive through customer. You're drunk". A third option would have been to ignore them, of course, but this is one of the times that actually saying something is the more appealing choice. After they drove away though, he said that he had stuck up for me, which is... nice, and I went back to my work slightly more amused than I had been before. "Tail boy" is definitely a new one though. I like how that's apparently the defining characteristic.

Unfortunately, I now need to end this as soon as possible, because there's one thing I absolutely must do before heading out, and I need to once again tidy up my room a bit as well. Overall, it's been kind of an off day, because I've been waiting since the middle of the week or so to talk to Dan and Xion, to explain how I'm going to back things to Dan, and ask Xion if he wants me to bring my USB floppy drive, but aside from seeing Dan online this morning when I woke up just briefly, neither of them have been around, and I've been bored. I do have a new game (or two) to keep me occupied, yes, but I want to take a break from those until Tuesday, and the only other diversion I've found is watching episodes of TV shows that I've already seen. Maybe I should play Skyward Sword for a bit when I get home tonight, just for a change of scenery. I don't know yet, but I'm out of time now. Here's hoping for another good night~

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