Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Tired Once Again Today

At least there was a reasonable explanation for it yesterday. Not getting to bed until ~6:30 plus sun shining in through my window, thus waking me up early equals being tired, which actually wasn't as much of an issue as I thought it would be at work, but this morning, well, my body hates me or something. I went to 7-11 on the way home, where my purchases were, to my mind, completely ordinary. Two sausage and English muffin things, two packages of peanut butter M&Ms, candies, and a small bag of chips. When I got home, I put the English muffins in the microwave, then added salt and dressing when they came out, and between eating those and the rest of the stuff I bought, I somehow made it so that I woke up in localized but rather severe pain, which did not go away for at least an hour. I remember being in and out of the bathroom three times, and one of those times, going back into my room to find all three cats (ours) laying about, and it had to be about 10 by the time I finally got back to sleep, but it feels like that wasn't enough. I did try to allow myself to sleep in, and by some interesting feat of timing, managed to sleep from exactly 1pm to 2:01, but I could still use more. Mind you, all of this would be better if I didn't keep thinking about how many more shifts I have to work before Tuesday, and picturing myself getting on the train. Tuesday itself should be fun, but all of this anticipation isn't. Too much stress and all that, which is compounded by - as mentioned yesterday - not being able to confirm the estimated time of arrival with Dan. What can I do to abate that? Send him an email to that effect if I don't see him online within the next couple days. That'll be the easiest thing to do, but I still have two more closes to get through first.

Last night, as with Friday, went pretty well. That's not to say I want to close with Melissa as much as possible from now on, but it's fun having a change of pace, and as Laura noted to me last night, things are going back to normal starting at 8pm this evening. Fair enough, but to bring this up again (albeit in a slightly different manner), I have a new reason to be glad for going away, and it is that I won't have to work with Laura for a bit. It's not really her working style that I find irritating (except for when somebody comes in who she knows, and she drops practically everything to give them free food), but rather her personality. To take an example from last night, when I first walked back to put my uniform in the bathroom, she said that Orlando and I could argue over who would be on what when we started. I had no reason to think she wasn't being serious, so when he arrived, I told him what I would prefer to be on, and we did indeed bicker over it for a bit, which carried into the back, where Laura heard us and laughed at my thinking she actually meant what she said before. Her exact words were "You're the only one who takes what I say seriously!", and in my defense, is that actually a bad thing? It's just like back on Monday when I was working a supper shift, and she asked me to tell Orlando what Monday nights were to her. I thought my answer of doing a certain extra cleaning task was proper, because she postponed said task from Saturday to Monday the week before that, but she actually wanted me to tell him "Monday closes are get-out-of-here-as-quickly-as-possible nights", and assumed I was being sarcastic as such. On an unrelated note, Monday nights are, for me, clean the grease trap nights now, which she is none too pleased about, but otherwise, I just find her difficult to work with, and I'm sure she feels the same way of me.

At any rate, I find myself in pretty much the same situation as yesterday now, except I've given myself some more time, since I need to have a shower before work to wash the last remaining bits of not feeling well earlier this morning away. Also, before leaving for work last night, I was the only person in the house, whereas everybody else is here tonight, but that doesn't make quite as much of a difference. I'll just go have a shower and hope that wakes me up a bit, then probably continue playing DJMAX games on my PSP after that. I'm getting better at the 4 button mode, but sadly, it is the easiest one, except for Clazziquai Edition, where there's a 2 button version, which I've only watched Manoah try to play. I am getting somewhat better with 6 buttons as well, but not enough that changing the notes or gear (playing field frame) can't throw me off. More practice can only help, I guess~

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